Emir of Kano,Two Injured Sons Flown Abroad ..IBB, Agoro ,Others Decry Attack

The Emir of Kano,Alhaji Ado Bayero and two of his sons have  been flown out  of the country.They left Kano on Sunday afternoon  for a hospital in London.The emir had earlier attended a special prayer session in the city .

Newsdiaryonline.com had learnt that even before yesterday’s  attack,the emir had been scheduled to  travel for medical check up overseas on Monday this week.This attack made it even more imperative as he had to travel  along with his two injured sons.The emir was seen off at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport by dignitaries led by the state’s Deputy Governor, Alhaji Abdullahi  Ganduje.

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The emir’s convoy came under attack yesterday as  he was returning from a Quranic recitation  function.At least four people were killed and many more were injured .

An observer close to the Kano  emirate  is furious about the attack yesterday wondering why an old man like the emir should suffer such fate.In fact, he believes  given the place of the emir in the hierarchy of northern emirs,  the attack is significant in more ways than the northern governors seem to realize,he said.That is why he believes the governors need to go  beyond condemning the attack.

Many others  believe it may take a lot longer for Nigerians to begin to realize the damaging impact of this attack on the north as  whole.Former President Ibrahim B Babangida who raised  pertinent questions in his statement on Sunday urged the federal government to change its strategy towards  fighting terrorist attacks.

IBB in his statement said,“It is not in doubt that our dear country is undergoing serious security threats on a regular and unbroken basis. The reported cases of terrorist attacks are becoming frightening and seriously call for security alert by all and sundry. Despite spirited efforts by government, it is disturbing that this ugly trend has refused to depart from us, reason why government must change tactics and methods in handling this security challenge.
“The attack on the Emir of Kano which reportedly left four people dead is a wake-up call to all of us. What could be the motive? What does anyone stand to gain by attempting to kill an Emir that is nearing eighty? The Emir of Kano stands out as one traditional ruler who does not seek favours from those in governments and outside it, and who over the years, has been able to live an exemplary life to the admiration of all. His record of achievements, the stability and candour he has brought to bear on the throne, are virtues that will live for posterity. May Allah continue to grant him good health for today and the future.
“It is against this backdrop that I find it condemnable for anyone to attempt the Emir’s life. I wish to advise the Federal Government to exploit the option of dialogue with members of the insurgent groups in order to arrest this prevailing drift in our national security. The use of force has proven to be inadequate and ineffective to checkmate this ugly trend. We must therefore put hands together to find a more rewarding and meaningful end to this security concern. Dialogue is my number one preference in this regard. Government must also encourage positive discourses among its political appointees delivered with respect and rendered in temperate language to soothe the mood of the nation. Language of force will not help us in our strong determination to address this insecurity problem. We must engage ourselves constructively and in a manner that puts the interest of the country far and above other partisan consideration.
“I wish to use this opportunity to condole with the Emir and the people and Government of Kano State over the sad loss of Palace Aides. May Allah, in His mercy and grace, reward them with Aljanah Firdaus. Amin.”

On his part, Dr Olapade Agoro, (Aladura Patriarch) and former Presidential Candidate, National Action Council (NAC)said “That dare devils could brazenly  in day light at Kano conurbation deadly attack the convoy of the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, one of the nation’s most respected, highly revered and very descent traditional rulers must be seen a clear signal that no one not even President Goodluck Jonathan should be considered any longer safe in Nigeria.”

“Shockingly also is the fact that just about the same time Kano horror event was taking palce, in kogi State, terrorists in their sadist axis laid ambush for  Nigerian soldiers on peace mission to Mali killing two and wounding some.”

“This must run contrary and making nonsense of the reckless.. claim not long ago made by President Goodluck Jonathan that “almost all the leaders of Boko Haram had been picked up by security agents and kept in detention”

“It calls for quick answers from President Jonathan and his security agents an apposite questioning that if “almost all of the Boko Haran leaders had been picked”  up as claimed

by Jonathan then who are those behind the attacks on the Emir of kano and Mali bound Nigeria Soldiers.

“With all these scenario of daily unleash of ruinous violence on the innocents with terrible comparison        to those nations where dead angels reign, need one not realistically see each day one sees alive in Nigeria as a gift rather than an expectation.”

“Prior to the attacks on the Emir of Kano and the Mali bound Nigerian Soldiers the nation had been erroneously and dangerously … made to believe that Boko Haram insurgency was purely a religious intransigency between Muslims and Christians now laid midnight blue.”

“ The question that should now be on the lips of any reasonable and discerning person is that where are we heading to in Nigeria since the socio- economic, security and peace management situations are sky clear beyond those in charge, who are obviously out of working ideas and are only day dreamers.”