Embrace network marketing, Angelo Representative tells Nigerians


Angelo’s Country Representative in Nigeria
and former Director of Longrich 5 Star, Mrs. Titilope Ejimagwa, has urged Nigerians to embrace network marketing as a viable means of livelihood in view of the current economic challenges

Angelo is a product network company from China with global brands and outreach in Nigeria and other countries.

Speaking during an interview with journalists in Abuja on Monday, Ejimagwa emphasized the potential of network marketing to transform lives and reduce poverty to barest minimum.

She said, “I decided to venture into the one thing that the government has no control over—human relations. That is what network marketing is all about. How can we have over 50 contacts in our mobile phones and still be poor?”.

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Highlighting the inclusive nature of network marketing, the Angelo’s Representative said, “Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you do, network marketing is for you. It is here to stay, impact lives, and change them for the better.”

Mrs. Ejimagwa also appealed to the Federal, States and Local Governments to support those who lack financial means, suggesting that such support could help curb crime in society.

She further shared her own journey and the benefits of network marketing, saying that , “You don’t need to carry your CV around. As soon as our corps members leave camp, the government should sponsor those interested in network marketing by providing start-up capital. Ask everyone what they want and find a way to fix them, instead of just letting them go in search of elusive jobs.

Addressing concerns about reaching grassroots communities, she said, “Network marketing is everywhere. As I mentioned, the government needs to step in and support the society in this area.”

Mrs Ejimagwa also talked about why people run away from network marketing, saying that , “People run away from network marketing, saying it’s hard. It is not hard, it is easy and I can attest to that, I make money while sleeping, eating, brushing. I make money every time. Network marketing is like gold, you mine it and take it through a lot of processes before it becomes the beautiful piece that everyone is after. In network marketing, once you make the right move, be sure you will be satisfied .”

Speaking on the uniqueness of versatility of network marketing, Ejimagwa said, “There are many choices out there. You can choose the product you want to focus on, it could be on health and wellness, beauty, among other categories.”

The Angelo Representative in Nigeria also emphasized the importance of network marketing saying that ,” it is a sustainable means for all.”

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