Elections: Massive turnout, security as Plateau goes to poll

By Blessing Odega/Zainab Oyekanmi

 Electoral officers in most polling units across Plateau conducted peaceful accreditations of voters and voting amid huge turnout of voters on Saturday for the state governorship and House of Assembly elections.

However, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that voters’ turnout was poor in Jos North Local Government when accreditations and voting had begun in other polling stations.

Some polling units in Kugiya, Bukuru and Dadin Kowa, in Jos-South began accreditations and votings immediately it was official time for the exercise.

The residents in Jos obeyed the restriction directive as most streets in the metropolis were deserted, no traffic and shops were locked up during the elections.

Most voters commended the officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for arriving in polling stations promptly.

Voting began as scheduled in polling units 028 (Gut), 024 (Shaka) and 017 (Air force Primary School) all in old Airport Road amid tight security

Polling units in Kugiya, Bukuru Lowcost and Dadinkowa were set up before 8 a.m. awaiting the official time of 8.30 a.m. to begin accreditations.

The Presiding Officer in charge of polling unit 032, in Bukuru Lowcost , Mr Okoi Nsa, said that he and his team arrived as early as 7.15 a.m. to set up the place.

Similarly, the Presiding Officer in charge of polling unit 048, Dadinkowa, Miss Blessing Edoh, said that she was at the station as early as 6.30 a.m. to forestall a repeat of the incidence that occurred during the presidential and national assembly elections.

In polling units 043 and 006 at Kugiya, Jos South, as the polling units were set and the officers in charge were seen addressing the electorate before the commencement of the voting exercise.

Some of the electorate who spoke with NAN expressed satisfaction on the prompt arrival of the INEC officials, noting that this would enable the electorate to cast their votes within the stipulated time.

Mrs Garos Pam, an electorate, commended the INEC officials for coming out early as this has enabled her to cast her vote in good time.

Another voter, Mr Moses Bitrus, said that because the exercise commenced in time, he spent less than 10 minutes to cast his vote.

Miss Jummai Dalyop, said that the process this time was less cumbersome as compared to that of the presidential elections.

Another electorate, Mrs Joy Jacob said that this process would enable every eligible voter to cast their vote as the officials arrived early and the process was better.(NAN)