Elections: Kogi PDP in good showing as INEC announces results at units level

By Stephen Adeleye

#TrackNigeria: The Presiding Officers (POs) of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) have started announcing the results of presidential and national assembly elections at polling units level across Mopamuro LGA of Kogi State.

Some of the results of the polling units as announced by their presiding officers are as follows:

Ward 06 (Orokere), Unit 001
Presiding Officer: Mr Charles Bassey.
President: APC = 90, PDP= 100, ADC = Nil
Senate: APC=96, PDP=82, ADC=22
Yagba House of Representative: APC=93, PDP=45, ADC=56.

Ward 06, Unit 002
Presiding Officer: Mr Adigizi Bitrus Cornelius.
President: APC =54 , PDP=112
Senate: APC=56, PDP=99
Yagba House of Representative: APC=66, PDP=58, ADC=48.

Ward 06, Unit 003
Presiding Officer: Mr Adesanya Omoleye.
President: APC = 29, PDP=126
Senate: APC=33, PDP=114
Yagba House of Representative: APC=24, PDP=52, ADC=89.

Ward 06, Unit 005
Presiding Officer: Mr Jude Igwe.
President: APC =57, PDP= 123
Senate: APC=63, PDP=112,
Yagba House of Representative: APC=58, PDP=52, ADC=84.

Ward 06, Unit 008
Presiding Officer: Miss Olufunmilayo Adeola Esther.
President: APC =46 , PDP=89
Senate: APC=45, PDP=85,
Yagba House of Representative: APC=52, PDP=25, ADC=65.

Ward 04 (Ileteju Mopa), Unit 004
Presiding Officer: Mr Dauda Abiola Raheem.
President: APC = 43, PDP=138 , ADC = 10
Senate: APC=41, PDP=129, ADC=28
Yagba House of Representative: APC=39, PDP=82, ADC=66, SDP= 3.

Ward 04, Unit 003
Presiding Officer: Miss Peace Edokpolor
President: APC =46 , PDP=131
Senate: APC=36, PDP=123,
Yagba House of Representative: APC=30, PDP=76, ADC=69.

Ward 004, Unit 001
Presiding Officer: Mr Malik Abdulrahman.
President: APC =52 , PDP=91 , ADC =5.

Ward 004, Unit 002
Presiding Officer: Mr Tony Austin .
President: APC =60 , PDP=117

Ward 003, Unit 005
Presiding Officer: Miss Barakat Abdullahi.
President: APC =75 , PDP=118 , ADC = 10
Senate: APC=70, PDP=116, ADC=19
Yagba House of Representative: APC=63, PDP=82, ADC=54.

Ward 003, Unit 003
Presiding Officer: Mr Mustapha Abdulquadri.
President: APC =30, PDP=142.

Ward 008 (Aiyeteju), Unit 003
Presiding Officer: Mr Lucky Aweh .
President: APC =75 , PDP=96
Senate: APC=64, PDP=104
Yagba House of Representative: APC=68, PDP=53, ADC=65.

The collation of results at wards level are still ongoing at the various ward centres across Mopamuro Local Government Area. (NAN)

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