El-Rufai to citizens: ‘Freely cast your vote the way you want’

#TrackNigeria – Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has  called on citizens in his state to freely cast their votes the way they want.

The governor made the call in a broadcast Friday morning  in his state.He urged the people to make the ”elections a festival of Democracy”

Read his address below:

Let us make the elections a festival of Democracy

State Broadcast on the 2019 Elections by Malam Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, on Friday, 15th February 2019

My dear people of Kaduna State,
1. The 2019 general elections present a chance for our people to play their role as masters and choosers. With your vote, you choose the parties and candidates in whom you wish to entrust our commonwealth, your livelihoods and future prospects for the next four years.

2. Voting is a serious responsibility, a solemn obligation and a right that was earned by sacrifice and struggle in many polities. Choice is at the heart of democracy, and I urge you all to go out on election day and freely cast your vote the way you want.

3. In the last few months, you have listened to the various parties and candidates make their case. The campaigns for the presidential election, with all the spectacle and substance, are now over, as the law prescribes. It is time for serious decisions by every eligible voter. I wish to assure all residents of our state that the Kaduna State Government will protect the right of everyone to express their decision at the ballot box in free and peaceful conditions.

4. The government is determined to ensure that the elections are conducted as a festival of democracy. That means that there is no room for violence, intimidation, voter suppression or any unlawful activity. Nothing and nobody will be allowed to impair the ability of any citizen to freely cast their vote.

5. The security agencies, led by the police, will be properly deployed across the state to protect the right of every citizen to vote. The police will be assisted by personnel from the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, the Nigerian Immigration Service, the Nigerian Customs Service, the Federal Road Safety Commission and the Kaduna State Traffic Law Enforcement Agency.

6. The government wishes to stress that all personnel of the police, and other agencies that are deployed for official election duty will wear proper identification tags. Orderlies of officials are not on election duty, and should therefore not be seen in uniform on election day.

7. During the elections, the Nigerian Armed Forces will be in the background, but on standby to assist in any circumstances that threaten to overwhelm the police. Similarly, the military has been deployed in areas that have recently been menaced by bandits to secure these places and protect the rights of their residents to vote, all these in line with their rule of engagement.

8. It is important to declare that there is no security-related role in the election for civilian volunteers. All volunteers, including those of the Kaduna State Vigilance Service, should be content with voting and returning home, like every citizen of Kaduna State.

9. All residents of Kaduna State are hereby reminded that the laws of this country forbid the wearing of any party insignia, poster or banner of any sort on election day. It is an offence to wear in public the vest of any political party after campaigns have ended.

10. To assist citizens to properly report any electoral disruptions, as well as suspicious or illegal activity, the following helplines have been opened at the State Security Operations Room: 09034000060 and 08170189999. Do not hesitate to call any of these numbers to lodge reports on voting day.

11. Fellow citizens, it is your democratic right to vote, and freely cast your ballot for the party of your choice. There is no reason to be afraid to exercise your right. Nobody will be allowed to use their status or power to intimidate, frighten or threaten you for doing your duty as a citizen. All residents of Kaduna State, wherever they reside, are free to vote according to their convictions.

12. Fellow citizens, let us shun any form of violence. Let us promptly report any threat or suspicions of unlawful activity. 

13. Elections are a moment to celebrate choice. Let us all come out to vote and do our duty to make the election a peaceful exercise.

God bless Kaduna State

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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