El-Rufai, Tinubu: Don’t poke into family affair – Group taunts Shehu Sani

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#TrackNigeria: The Allied Vanguard for Defence of Democracy has taunted outgoing Senator over his interference in the perceived rift between Kaduna state Governor Nasir and former Lagos Governor, Bola Ahmed .

In apparent response to ’s remarks on the issue in an interview with Vanguard newspaper, the Group warned him against poke-nosing into what it termed “minor family misunderstanding.”

Making the response, leader of the Group, Mohammed Sabiu Santuraki described Shehu’s action as unnecessary meddle-someness typical of a drowned politician desperate for renewed relevance.

“Shehu should know that he can’t succeed in his attempt to spread mischief by sneaking into a minor affair between two members of the All Progressives Congress family which can be easily resolved.

“Everyone can see through usual kindergarten attempt capitalise on the minor APC family affair in order to attract attention to his fast-waning political career in the hope of remaining relevant.

“Typically, the outgoing Senator tried to drop the name of President Muhammadu Buhari in his remarks, forgetting that Mr President, a man of impeccable integrity, is not easily swayed by smokescreens from failed and confused people,” Santuraki said.

Stressing that Buhari is way too experienced, focused, and composed to fall for Shehu Sani’s mischief, the Group leader reminded him that it was his misconduct and lack of regards to the wish of the people that cost him his return ticket to the Senate.

“Shehu Sani should not shift the burden of his own misconduct that ensured his rejection at the polls on either Elrufai, Oshiomhole or President Buhari. He should carry his own cross and stop courting relevance by dropping names of respectable leaders.

“He should also know that his desperation to incite the Southeast block or the Kaduna Christians against the government would also fail in the same manner his previous mischief were neutralized,” the Group leader said.

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