El Rufai Apologizes, Replies Critics

“Hello Friends. I have been travelling and try to catch some sleep in between the last 24 hours and missed all the furore arising from my retweet of Ogunyemi Bukola’s (@zeebook) joke Maku (et) al and Jesus. I must say I am taken aback the extent of desperate misrepresentation of what was an innocuous attempt to show the godlessness of the Jonathanians to denigrate anyone that dares to ask to be accountable.

“To those who were genuinely offended the retweet, I apologize. I did not meant to offend anyone, neither did the @zeebook I know and featured as one of the Young Voices in my Friday Column. Jesus or Isa Alaihis Salaam is a respected prophet of Islam. Every Muslim accepts this in addition to his miraculous virgin birth. It is therefore absurd for any Muslim believer to disrespect Jesus Christ.

“I hope those in this class will see my point of view and accept my apologies for any offense or disappointment caused. And I advise everyone to @zeebook’s timeline and mine to EXACTLY what was tweeted rather than the second-hand reports of certain people who ALWAYS twist whatever I write or not write to achieve their morally-repugnant objectives.

“To those in that class of liar – the political contractors who tried to attribute the entire statement to me to destroy perceived political , I say keep on that till the day your cups will be full. Everything these days is reduced to posturing for 2015,but those it do not even know which one of us will be alive to witness the events of that time. I leave all those to God and their conscience.

“To the Warriors of God, who misinterpret the Scriptures (both Bilble and Qur’an) and pretend to be capable of His battles, please learn from history. The multiple Crusades and Jihads are yet to convert the entire human race one religion. If God wished us all to be of one religion, He would have us so. So please leave God’s work to Him, and be good to other humans.

“I thank all my friends who stood up for me in this saga. They know me better than what the desperate Jonathanians want to paint as El-Rufai. An those that wish to know me a little (better) should please my forthcoming book. Thanks and God Bless.

Culled from his facebook page


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