Ekiti: Incessant assaults end 13-year-old marriage of farmer

A Customary Court Ikole-Ekiti Ekiti  on Thursday dissolved a 13-year-old marriage between one Mrs Toyin Afolayan and her husband, Dayo Ayeotan, the petitioner’s allegation of incessant beatings.

The President of the Court, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, dissolved the union saying that it was obvious that the marriage had broken down irretrievably.

Ojo restrained the respondent from harassing the petitioner and her children her house or on the farm.

She, however, ordered the petitioner to refund: a bag of rice, oil, yams and a leather bag, which the respondent bought as her dowry, to the respondent or his family.

The court president also ordered both parties to maintain peace.

Earlier her evidence, the petitioner, Afolayan, 50, a farmer, had told the court that she cohabited with the respondent for 13 years but only got married to him under the native law and custom three years ago.

The petitioner also told the court that the respondent bought yams, oil, a bag of rice and a leather bag for her dowry three years ago.

Afolayan explained that her life was threatened by incessant beating by the respondent whenever they had any misunderstanding.

She recalled that on a particular occasion, the respondent beat that she had to lose one of her teeth.

The petitioner also informed the court that the respondent often accused her of infidelity with   various , which had led to her developing high blood pressure.

She pleaded with the court to restrain the respondent from harassing her and her children from a previous marriage.

The estranged wife said that she did not bear any for the respondent and he did not have any property with her.

However, the respondent, Mr Dayo Ayeotan, 40, a farmer, denied ever threatening the petitioner and her children.

Ayeotan said that he had always taken good care of the petitioner and her children since meeting her and never had reasons to maltreat them.

He confirmed that the petitioner became his wife three years ago even though they had lived together for 13 years.

Ayeotan told the court that while the petitioner was still living with him, she was in an amorous relationship with a friend of his named Peter and their relationship was still on.

The respondent consented to the dissolution of the marriage.

He, however prayed the court to order the petitioner to pay him back the sum of N95,000 which he used to purchase a farm for her.(NAN)