Ehinlanwo Dumps Labour Party, Joins CPC

The political fortunes of the Labour Party in Ondo State dwindled penultimate week when one of the prominent member of the party, Prince Soji Ehinlanwo dumped the party and pitched tent with the Congress for Progressive Change,CPC. The political cross carpeting event took place at Ilaje Ese Odo where Ehinlanwo contested for the House of Representative slot under the Labour Party in 2010 but lost at the screening stages. The array of CPC stalwarts that besieged the venue of the event where Ehinlanwo formally declared for the CPC were awesome.

Ehinlanwo said he decided to join the Congress for Progressive Change due to the high-handedness of the ruling party and the unfortunate political god-fatherism that has bedeviled the State for years. He told  the teeming crowd that he was a victim of political anointing in 2010, and to avoid such a re-occurence, he decided to dump the Labour Party before its leaders who always behave like gangsters dash his hopes of leading his people to the promised land because it has become an open thing that nobody can contest against the incumbent governor and win. Ehinlanwo also claimed that his credentials speaks for him as his sojourn in Europe where he is presently a consultant to the European Commission put him in a good stead to lead Ondo State and bring the desired change.

While reacting to his speech, the Chairman of Congress for Progressive Change in Ondo State Barrister Lekan Obolo also posited that the Labour Party government in Ondo State is a misfit. In his words, we need men of integrity and individuals that can deliver on their promises to take charge of governance in Ondo State. He said that the party’s governorship candidate will soon emerge but that due to the democratic approach of the party to issues, an election will soon be held where  a candidate will emerge. The event witnessed a large turn-out of CPC supporters in Ondo State.


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