EFCC hosts Interpol Conference in October

efcc 1A week long international capacity building programme for Anti-Corruption and Asset Recovery Authorities in West Africa Region, is schedule to hold at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC Academy, Karu Abuja between October 7 to 12 , 2013.
The programme is expected to draw about fifty (50) participants from nine Central Africa countries and 16 from West Africa. Thirteen of these countries are French speaking while six are English speaking countries. Four speak Portuguese and Arabic, while Spanish and Sango represent one each.
Fourteen topics are expected to be covered by Panel of experts from United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), INTERPOL and the EFCC, during the week long programme.
The topics include: Anti-Corruption Legislations, policies and Practices in Africa Countries; Abuse of Official Position/Public Office to Gain Illegally: A common Denominator in Corruption (Challenges in successful investigation and prosecution of such cases); Public Officials in Possession of Assets Disproportionate to known source of income: A common Denominator in Corruption (Challenges in successful investigation and prosecution) and Legal Challenges in Investigating Supply-side Corruption.
Other topics to be covered include: Corruption in the Financial Sector, Challenges in successful investigation and Prosecution; Scope of Corruption in Contracting and Procurement; Roles of Independent Public Institutions Acting As Auditor and Controller of Public Resources in unearthing Grand Corruption; Detection, Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption in Exploitation of Natural Resources; Corruption and the Exploitation of Marine Resources in African Countries and Computer Forensic and Mobile Forensics.
Four topics that will be covered on Friday, October 20th include: Formal Legal Assistance (MLA) and its requirements; issues in MLA and Extradition of Fugitive: Case involving Africa Countries and Recovery and Reparation of Forfeited Assets: Case Studies and Role of Interpol- Star in International Asset Recovery.

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