EEDC denies manipulating prepaid meters for increased profit

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has denied allegations by consumers it had manipulated the factory settings of the new prepaid meters for more profit.

Its Head of Dept., Mr Emeka Ezeh, made the denial in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Aba.

Ezeh said the company did not have the technical capacity reset such meters.

“This is not true, none of our staff has the expertise reset or work on the meters because they are hybrid meters and smart in nature…except if the fellow is ready damage the meter.

“The meters are approved and certified by Electricity Management Agency (NEMSA). the regulatory agency responsible for certifying meters before they are brought into the country and installed for consumers.

“It is also possible there is a deliberate ploy by the company workers discourage consumers from accepting the meters.

“Remember, if all consumers have prepaid meters, there won’t be for the monthly disconnections except where a consumer had found to have bypassed his meter.

“Some of our corrupt workers are already used to this monthly extortion of consumers who have not paid their bills and this prepaid meter will bring an end to that illegal act,” Ezeh said.

Ezeh called on consumers to report any of its staff found to have tampered with a prepaid meter for appropriate sanctions.

He said that the prepaid meters were designed to capture the quantity of energy consumed in a given period.

He counseled consumers to use energy-saving bulbs and low-power consuming appliances.

Ezeh said they should also turn off all electrical appliances when not in use, adding that learning to use electricity after being metered would help the consumer to save money. (NAN)

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