Educationist calls for revival of reading culture in schools

 An Educationist, Dr Nosa Aladeselu, says the provision of functional libraries and engagement of qualified guidance counsellors in schools would adequately address some of the prevailing delinquencies among students.

Aladeselu, who is the state Coordinator of South-South Professional Women  Association( SSPWA) in Edo, said this on Tuesday, in Benin.

She said the lost reading culture among Nigerian children, especially the girl-child, was responsible for so many of the vices witnessed in schools nationwide.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN) on the occasion of the April 23 World Book Day, she underscored the need for the revival of a reading culture among Nigerian children “for positive active minds”.

Aladeselu said there was also the urgent need for the engagement of guidance counsellors in schools “who can study, relate and help relieve these children of their stresses”.

” Reading is the only vehicle to enhanced effective communication,  interaction and understanding of your environment; the way life is here and beyond.

“When you read books, you gain knowledge, which helps you have universal knowledge and helps you manage any life situation.

” Unfortunately, many schools today can’t boast of a functional library. And those with qualification in guidance and counselling, are unable to practice their craft because of absence of needed facilities.

“These are what helped to breed the number of juvenile delinquents, both in our schools and in our homes today, because nobody is guiding anyone on the right path.

” Governments at all levels are hereby called upon to ensure every school has a functional library and adequate facilities manned by qualified guidance counsellors for proper institution of guidance and counselling psychology  in schools, to help relieve our children of their stresses.

” The social media no doubt has its impact in their daily lives.

“So, a combination of stress at home and academic stress will honestly require the expertise of a trained guidance counsellor to monitor, relate and analyse whatever that may be bothering them every now and then.

” These stresses  trigger lots of things in our children; today, children even in their adolescence experience high blood pressure, kidney issues and sometimes even contemplate suicide.

” They experience these things because there is nobody to help them manage these stresses, both at home and in school.

” Here in Edo, although the state government is trying to improve the state of education with Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation (EDOBEST) programme. But, it will  become all round best if it provides very school with a functional library and engage the services of guidance counsellors,” she said.( NAN)