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Education is crucial in releasing potential of women, children — UNFPA

By Hadiza Mohammed-Aliyu
The Country Representative of UNFPA, Ms Ulla Muller,
has stressed the importance of education in releasing the potential of women and

She made this known at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum in Abuja on Sunday.

She said “education is crucial in releasing the potential of women and children,
and as such, we must ensure that every girl has access to quality education
that equips her with knowledge and skills.

“Quality education will also enable girls to have confidence to pursue
their ambitions.

“The elimination of gender disparity in education will also create infinite opportunities
for future generations and transform societies. When women have equal access to
education, they are better able to enhance their own lives and contribute to the
growth of their communities.

“Achieving gender equality is not only essential for its social and economic benefits,
but also because it is the right thing to do.

“Our women and girls should be able to exist in a world where their opinions and decisions are valued and welcomed, and their voices heard.’’

The country representative, who called for women empowerment, added that when women are financially independent, they can provide for themselves and their families, thereby reducing poverty in the society.

 Mueller stressed the need for stakeholders to uplift and ensure space for the voices of women and girls in decision-making processes,  leadership roles, and political arena.

“When women’s voices are heard and their experiences are valued, a more equitable
and just society is created for all.

“To uplift the voices of women and girls, we have to change the narrative; instead of seeing them as oppressed victims, they should be seen as powerful and critical citizens with a wealth of contributions to the society.(NAN)

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