Edo: Obaseki’s Sobe Maize Farm Now Habitat for Kidnappers, Bandits—AFEGBUA


Governor Godwin Obaseki’s Sobe Maize Farm has turned a dangerous zone that has been taken over by Kidnappers, says Prince Kassim Afegbua.

Interrogating Obaseki’s numerous “unkept promises” to the people of Edo State in a statement, Media Consultant to the All Progressives Congress (APC) Governorship Campaign Council for the September 21, 2024 election, Prince Kassim Afegbua, said four years after the campaign promise, ‘no single maize tree is standing there’

According to Afegbua: “The Sobe Maize Farm which they campaigned with in 2020 is most unkempt, overgrown with weeds and has become a habitat for kidnappers and armed bandits. Not a single Maize tree is standing on that farm.”
Delving into another arena of Obaseki’s failed government, Afegbua said: “To assess governance deficit in Edo state does not require any crystal-gazing. The rains tell it all; Benin City and its environs have come under heavy flooding and erosion.

“Benin City and major towns and villages in Edo state are coping with the hardship of bad roads.”

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On the health sector, the APC Media Consultant revealed that “Health facilities are in a state of comatose.
“The Governor promised to provide one health centre for each local government when he was campaigning for election.

“I wish he would take us on a tour of these facilities. He also promised one stadium in each of the eighteen local government in the state. Not a single one has been built or commissioned.”

Furthermore, he said: “Ditto for failed Auchi Airport and the six-lane road he promised to build from Gelegele to Okpella.

“So, each time questions are raised about failed promises and financial profligacy, government publicists and their paymaster should just quietly hide their tails between their legs. These are just cowboys who have come to milk the state.

“A mere look at their visages tell the state of their hearts. What is diversionary in asking a government to be accountable and transparent in its transactions?
“It is a material requirement when you are dealing with public funds and the collective patrimony of Edo citizens. Why does the question elicit conflagration every time the issue is raised.

“Is the government saying Edo people do not deserve to know how their monies have been spent?”, he added.

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