Edo Govt blasts Senator Uzamere over cross-carpeting

IhonvbereEdo State Government at the weekend described defected Senator representing Edo South Senatorial District, Arc. Edobor Uzamere as an ungrateful politician who was rescued by Governor Adams Oshiomhole from the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) attempt to render him politically irrelevant.

The Secretary to the state Government, Prof. Julius Ihonvbere made a veiled reference without necessarily mentioning the Senator’s name, when he received a delegation of Edo North women group under the aegis of Oshiokhue Afenmai Ladies Association who endorsed him for the 2015 senatorial contest.

According to Ihonvbere, “recently, someone who was rescued from political irrelevance and oblivion by the Comrade Governor called a press conference to claim that he was now moving back to the same party that tortured him, discredited him, disregarded him, humiliated and concerned him to the Dustin of irrelevance and political hopelessness. And that is representative of the kinds of persons that have represented us for years since the return of democracy.

“I want to commend you for recognizing that Edo people and Edo North in particular deserve representation that is intellectually deep and vast, that has moral integrity with qualifications that are not questionable and subject to court action at any time, with moral rectitude, with personality you can be proud of, with track records that when they speak at the senate, people will listen.

“I am talking of people with track records and networks both nationally and internationally to attract opportunities and resources to the senatorial zone and who has the credibility and strength of character to come to the state Governor to say I am here to discus my senatorial zone and the Governor will listen.

“I think we are already working in that direction and I believe that God is with us and if you, who are mothers also buy into this agenda of quality representation, of effective representation, of genuine and committed representation, of the kind of representation that when they climb the ladder, they don’t throw away the ladder, of the kind of representation that recognizes the privileges of those that sent them there, then the future is sure.

“If our mothers have bought into this agenda, then I believe that the ..light that the Comrade Governor is already bringing to provide succor for us will not go off anytime soon or forever. So, I commend you for your kind words about my hope, my plans for the future and I remain totally undilutedly and unshakingly committed to the views of the Comrade Governor and his administration.

“I believe that the foundation the Governor is setting cannot be reversed by anyone because he has demonstrated what good governance is all about, what good leadership is all about, he has shown to us the meaning of focus, planning and dedication to duty and this is what have even encouraged many of us to say this momentum must go round.

“The time for mediocrity, for idiotic perambulation in the field of politics, the time for political opportunism and reckless rascalism is gone. We won’t encourage bootlicking, we want people with courage to speak the truth and stand to be counted. We want people who respect, in the first instance, the constituencies that sent them there, not constituencies that are located in London, Lagos or Abuja.

“The Comrade Governor has warned all of us that any meeting talking about 2016 is unpatriotic and unnecessary at this rime. He is still in charge as the Governor of the state. He still has a long time to go; so any meeting holding in the night talking about 2016, they are basically wasting time, resources and energy but for 2015, the time table is out, registration is on-going and I hope you have all registered so that we can begin to move”, Ihonvbere stated.

Earlier, the group’s Coordinator, Lady Theresa Imokhai in an address said, “we wish to state here that we are aware of the assistance you have rendered to our people over the years especially through the Julius Ihonvbere Foundation in the area of education, job opportunities, health care services, utilities projects and many more.”

She added that, “many of these gestures were not extended to Edo North people alone but to other ethnic nationalities within and outside the state.”

While tracing the history of senatorial representation in Edo North since 1999, the group said, “sadly however, successive representations have failed to impact positively on our people despite electioneering promises.

“Looking at your antecedents from Ford Foundation to the Presidency and your brief stay so far with the Comrade Governor as SSG, we believe that giving you an opportunity to represent Afenmai people at the Senate will create great impact in our land.

“The time to showcase your achievements is now. People must be aware of what you represent and what your presence at the Senate will do for us. We must blow the trumpet of Professor Julius Ihonvbere that has hitherto been hidden to every nook and cranny of Afenmai land. Just as we did during the second term campaign of the Governor, we are prepared to devote our time to join your team in reaching our people, especially women and youths who form over 70% of voters”, she promised.

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