Easter, proof of God’s love for humanity – Bishop

Most Rev. Dr Paulinus Ezeokafor, Bishop of the Diocese of Awka has called on Nigerians love one another much as Jesus did humanity when he died on the cross.

Ezeokafor who said this in 2021 Easter message on Friday, said Easter the greatest celebration in world as it when God demonstrated love for mankind by given up son for salvation of the world.

He said too much emphasis on material wealth and worldly positions responsible for the level of security challenges in Nigeria, noting that men must relate well with each other earn a place in eternity.

The Bishop said though COVID-19 ravaged the entire world, God spared Nigerians and Africa out of love.

He called on Nigerians embrace COVID-19 vaccination but called on government address the hesitancy among the .

“Humans, as images of god have dual personality, the physical which is temporary and spiritual which is eternal and there is need for us take more care of ourselves.

“As we celebrate, us call to mind the situation in our country and make conscious effort to make it better.

“It is for the grace of God that we were not wiped out by COVID-19 because considering the death toll in Europe and America, it was expected that when it comes here, we will all dead.

“Thank God for sparing us, now they are talking about vaccine, encourage everyone to take the vaccine because they are good antidotes to health issues.

“Government can hell address vaccine hesitancy by being more sincere with the so that can trusted the more,” he said.

Ezeokafor decried security challenges and deaths in Nigeria which had made human life to lose the high value God placed on it.

The Bishop called for urgent decentralisation of the police to states and regions to have greater influence on the protection of life and property of the peoples arguing that the current structure had failed.

He condemned attacks on communities by suspected herdsmen and attacks on security agencies by unknown gunmen, saying it was time government intervened decisively.

“Human life is being wasted in our country that they no longer mean anything. Life is the greatest gift God gave to man that is why is considered the greatest crime against God.

“Farming is an occupation and nobody should allow cow rearing another profession to destroy it, chicken and grass cutters which are not aggressive are put in cages, cow which are aggressive should not allow freely,” he said.(NAN)