DRTS plans installation of cameras to detect offenders

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Directorate Road Transport Services (DRTS) says plans are ongoing to install traffic and street light cameras within the to detect traffic .FCT DRTS Director, Mr Wadata Bodinga in an interview with the News Agency Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday, stated that the installation would enable the directorate to communicate with vehicles directly through the cameras.Bodinga said that anyone detected beating traffic light would be captured by the camera and data automatically sent to the service.“

The  data the will be sent to our system after automatically identifying the number plate and before you know it, we will send a text or email to the owner.“Stating that at this exact time, you broke the traffic rule, this is your fine, go and pay,” he said.He said that for as long as a driver’s information was stored on the database DRTS, vehicles with not- --to-date car papers will also be detected.He also said that although this development was welcoming, the service was faced with constraints.“

So this is one the major plans the directorate is working on but as we know a development such as this has a lot cost attached to it,” he said.He, however, noted that the actualisation this project was possible through multinational investors.“So, we are looking at making it possible through a lot of prospective investors who have been approaching the administration to ensure our aim is achieved,” he said.According to him, the process will help eradicate DRTS men standing at the road side to flag down vehicles.(NAN)