Dr. Nuruddeen’s Scholarship: Touching lives of orphans

Karatu kyauta ga marayu hamsin

By Adamu Muhd Usman

Dr. Nuruddeen’s scholarship for 50 orphans is not just an exceptional move, but a new in philanthropism in this part of the world. This Dr. Nuruddeen’s effort, is a good thinking, religious duty, noble idea, generous gesture, fantastic project, productive venture and a welcomed development.

This idea by Dr. Nuruddeen, is part of his efforts to liberate, improve the standard of living, betterment of the lives of the common man most especially the orphans, widows, physically challenged and the less privileged.

The program, the scholarship for 50 orphans in Hadejia town, in Hadejia local government area of Jigawa, took place on Sunday, December 25, 2022. And, it was witnessed by the traditional leader, the representative of his highness, the emir of Hadejia, Ulamas, youth and women organizations, well-wishers, and community people.

These poor children will have sense of belonging and are now carried along to be part of the society and live a normal life like other children of the well-to-do in the society and they will be useful in the future to the society.

As it was all known to everyone, that education is the backbone or grassroot of every society and no society can truly develop without education that is one of the reasons Dr. Nura considered education as one of the three keys or factors of his Unik foundation which the other two tackle health and environment. One important thing about his educational agenda/scholarship is not only limited of one angle but it deals with religious and western education as well.

Dr. Nuruddeen Muhammad, former minister and the PDP Jigawa northeast senatorial candidate, Dr. Nuraddeen Muhammad (Mai Sawaba) is a man of his words. When wins the senatorial seat, many of such philanthropism including programmes and projects from his Unik Foundation will be unfolded by him, to liberate communities, educate the people, improve their lives and economy and social system. This is Nuruddeen’s ideas. Such ideas are exceptional from exceptional people

Adamu writes from Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa state.