DPR seals 2 petrol filling stations in Gusau

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has sealed two filling in Gusau for violating rules and regulations.

The Operations Controller in charge of Gusau DPR Office, Alhaji Yusuf Shehu, told newsmen of the sealing after a routine surveillance filling in Gusau Monday.

Shehu said that two filling was sealed for selling petrol in jerry cans, while the other was sealed for selling the product at 185, which is above official pump price.

“You know few days ago there was rumour that some stations were selling above the regulated price in the state.

“You know DPR is the regulatory agency in and gas industry; our outing today is that the product is available, not diverted, to ascertain the quality of the product, and check price, as government has said no increase,” the controller said.

He said that the operation revealed 80 cent compliance, with most of the filling stations selling between the range of 162 and 165.

“There was also compliance in safety and quality of the product”, the controller said.

Shehu called fuel marketers to desist hoarding, under dispensing and other irregularities.

He appealed to the public to avoid panic buying, saying that the department would make sure that the product was available to the people of the state.

The controller called them to report any station found selling above the official price range. (NAN)