Don’t Shine with Flood Disasters: PDP Tells ACN

(Picture of Lokoja flood, courtesy Yushau Shuaib/NEMA)

By Ewache Ajefu/Editor

The Peoples Democratic Party wednesday said a  recent media report credited  Alhaji Lai , the spokesman of the Action Congress of (ACN) blaming the Federal Government for the flood disasters in some parts of the is yet another opportunistic attempt remind Nigerians that they still exist.

Tje party in a statement said  In their desperate attempt remain heard, the ACN  has once more thrown decency and the dignity of the human being the winds.

The PDP noted that  while the wounds of the disaster are still festering, the ACN has seen yet another window to play politics and grandstand rather than sympathize with the people over this unfortunate happening.

” The  ACN in its statement even went to ridiculous extents like condemning the closure of the Abuja Lokoja road which is a precautionary measure taken to save lives following this disaster.”

The ruling party said while it   welcomes constructive criticisms meant to keep it on its toes, it  shall not succumb to cheap politicking from political jobbers who not know when to draw boundaries between partisanship and National humanitarian interests.

The party argued that  ACN’s unnecessary politicization of this majeure is an indication of their insensitivity to the plights of the victims, stating that  they would rather scavenge for political capital while the victims remain homeless, hungry and prone to diseases.

“We wish to remind the ACN that natural disasters are not restricted to any particular parts of the . For instance, Lagos state which is under the ACN has suffered multiple cases of flooding yet not one came out to ascribe them to the failure of infrastructure by the State Government. No one in the PDP has ever played politics with such. We shall not follow them in this sadistic journey”, the party said.

The  Party however  commended  the steps taken by the Federal Government and the various State Governments in bringing succour to the victims of this unforeseen occurrence, including  efforts of humanitarian groups and public spirited individuals who have risen to donate relief materials.

The party also threw challenge to  the ACN to show its humanitarian side by persuading their stupendously wealthy godfathers to join the efforts relief to the victims rather than remain on the sidelines and throw mud at those actively involved in this emergency.

It  assured  all the victims that the Federal Government under President Jonathan is sparing no effort in his desire to swiftly address the root course of this tragedy and provide relief in all the affected areas.

” The PDP, being the only national Party not under the vice grip of any individual or group shall continue to respect the sensibilities of the people. We shall uphold the dignity of all Nigerians at all times. We shall refrain from politics whenever the well being of the people is threatened”.

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