Don’t grant Israel observer status, Palestinian organization tells AU

By Haruna Salami

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement (FATEH) has urged the African Union, AU not to grant observer status to the Israeli government.

A member of FATEH Revolutionary Council and Head of Africa Desk, FATEH International Relations Commission, Dr. Uri Davis made this known while addressing newsmen in Abuja.

According to the movement, granting the request of Israeli government will reportedly translate to fraudulent representation in Israel.

Davis said “the easiest way I can explain my situation in FATEH and as a member of Parliament of FATEH, a member of the Revolutionary Council is by comparison to few white members of the African National Congress in South Africa during apartheid.

I’m in a similar situation in this regard. I was born into a colonial society called Zionism to a Jewish family. Gradually, I came to realise the ugliness and criminality of Israeli settler colonialism and joined the representative of the Palestinian people, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, PLO.

Uri Davis used “apartheid Israel” technically to mean a situation where over 90% of is reserved by law for Jews only similar to former apartheid South Africa where about the same 90% of land was reserved for white only.

“After the collapse of apartheid in South Africa, Israel is the only apartheid country in the UN”.

Uri condemned the “camouflage” of Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East, adding that it is waning thin, which makes it look for observer status in the AU.

He said his “strategic” decision to be on the side of Palestinian people is influenced by the voice of his “conscience and not by material interest”.

According to him, “not granting Israel observer status in AU is anti-Semitic”.

Davis added “since 2005, there has been civil society initiatives, and these initiatives is growing from strength to strength all over the world in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia.

“I asked myself why is Israel so interested in getting observer status from the Africa Union (AU). And my answer is as follows, the AU represent 55 states, it is about one third of the voting strength of UN General Assembly. Should Israel secure observer status in the AU, it will get a booster to the continuous maintenance of the fraudulent misrepresentation of the apartheid state of Israel as the only democracy in the middle East.

“And this fraudulent misrepresentation translates into cruelty, injustice and violation of international law and crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people.

“For the AU with its history of anti apartheid resistance to grant observer status to the last remaining apartheid state in the UN is a scandal”.

The FATEH member explained that there is a block of 24 member state of the AU that are against what he described as scandalous decision.
He emphasised that for Israel to be granted an observer status, it needs two third majority of the AU. 

Consequently he urged those African countries still wavering to vote against a scandalous decision and reject Israel bid to seek an observer status at the forthcoming session of AU Executive committee slated for 13th and 14th of October and “be on the side of justice”