Don’t call any of us ‘Executive Governor’, says Akeredolu

By Chimezie Godfrey

The Governor, Akeredolu has said that addressing state governors as executive governor is wrong and unconstitutional.

The Governor who made the assertion during an interview on Channel television’s Politics Today on Friday, said he would rather prefer to be addressed as Mr Governor.

Akeredolu noted that this is a mistake that a lot of people are guilty of and that it is not found in the nation’s constitution.

He said,”Let me first correct one thing, you used the word executive governor, I always corrected this thing, no governor is an executive governor, some people want to be so called but I don’t want to be addressed as executive governor.

“Am only the governor of my state, not the executive governor.

On the question asked by the TV Presenter, Seun Akinbalowo if there is any distinction between a Governor and Executive Governor, he explained distinction is term “Executive Governor” is not provided for in the constitution.

“The distinction is that is not provided for in the constitution, the constitution only says “a Governor of a state,” he stressed.

Akeredolu therefore urged all to desist from this plunder.