Don seeks funding, collaboration to promote education

 Dr Nureni Adeniran, Dean, Universal Board (UBEB), South West states, has called on philanthropists to join with major stakeholders to further promote education in nation.

Adeniran, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos that was needed to further assist body to effectively execute proposals and programmes in sector.

“Funding of education has not been easy, in terms of available funds; we all know that even if the entire budget is allocated to the sector, it will still not be enough.

“That is why, apart from government agencies, UBEB, state , we also welcome people in the area of education, philanthropists, old students association and parents’ to join for the progress of education, especially in the foundational level, it is very important,” he said.

Adeniran, also Executive Chairman, Oyo State Universal Board, said part of the was to ensure that every child got quality education irrespective of background.

He emphasised that was key and required utmost , especially for children, adding that Oyo was the only state in South West presently benefiting from the ‘-of-school’ programme.

He said efforts were on ground to ensure that other states in the South West benefited from the programme designed to get affected children back to classrooms to learn.

“While we are the first and only state in the South West enjoying the ‘-of-school’ children’ programme, we equally believe that the issues are not limited to Oyo state but scattered all over the zone.

“Therefore, we are making effort to ensure that other states in the South West zone also benefit from this particular programmes in operation in Oyo state,” he said.

Adeniran noted said the Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) programme was also planned to the ‘-of-school’ children off the street and back to the classroom.

He added that the purpose of BESDA programme was to provide access for ‘Out-of-school’ children to get educated, ensure sanity in classrooms and improve literacy large. (NAN)