Don advises women against prioritising career over family

Dr Fauziya Sulaiman of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Ilorin, has advised women against giving priority to their career above the family.

Sulaiman, in an interview with newsmen in Ilorin on Thursday, said that women who put their career above their family usually faced problems.

“A happy family is the most important accomplishment for a woman. Women must find ways to juggle the family and career together without allowing any to suffer.

“Combining career and home is not easy and you cannot be lazy because it requires hard work to combine the two.”

The don, who is also an author and actress, believes that every woman has a hidden talent, adding: “it is something that comes naturally; housewives can combine their talents into money making venture.’’

She said that she has been able to combine her love for reading and writing, thereby using them money-making ventures by way of film production.

Sulaiman urged women to shun laziness, identify their talents and potential and build on them.

“You must be supportive of your husbands, even if you are not employed. An entrepreneurship activity will help the family and you must not be stingy to your husband.”

She also urged men to support their women to achieve success in their chosen professions, saying that gone were the days when men prevented from from excelling.

“When men support their women in their endeavours and make the woman happy, the woman tends to excel and bring the glory back to the home either physically, psychologically and spiritually.

“Women naturally reciprocate; any man that assists a woman to achieve success in life, that woman will reciprocate in kind to the whole family,” she said. (NAN)

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