Dokubo’s Threats: Northern Youths Back Gov Aliyu

Babangida-Aliyu2Youths in the North yesterday on Wednesday  Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu for responding to the recent threats by Dokubo Asari whom the described as Niger Delta terrorist leader. In a press statement at the end of a meeting in Kaduna, the Northern Emancipation Network (NEN) said its members are solidly behind the Governor’s call for Dokubo’s arrest as he is a clear security threat.

Signed by its Secretary General, Ahmed Mohammed Billy, the NEN statement described Governor Aliyu’s call as timely and patriotic, saying; he is today, the only vocal protector of northern interest.

The youth group responded to Dokubo’s threat by reminding the whole nation President Jonathan is not even qualified to contest the 2015 presidency based on a subsisting one-term agreement he entered into with PDP state governors.

“Irrespective of the distracting remarks made by the likes of Ahmed Gulak, the North, particularly the youths have noted that Jonathan is not even competent to contest in 2015 as recently disclosed by the Northern Governors’ Forum. We are also aware that it is based on this reality that Dokubo, Kukuh and Gulak were commissioned to threaten the peace of the nation,” NEN said.

The  group said it was compelled to the threats by Dokubo and Kukuh that not because these threats were the first made by these “terrorists,” but because the youths no longer consider them as empty threats.

“We are now convinced that these threats are no mere coincidences but part of a sinister agenda that has the backing of the presidency.

“We are so convinced for the fact that while Dokubo may have spoken in his capacity as a lawless (person), Kuku  on the other hand, was by every interpretation speaking for President Jonathan as a special adviser.

“These two presidential  ( men) should be reminded that nobody, not the entire battalions of Niger Delta terrorists have monopoly of rascality, abusive utterances or even violence.

“We have ceased to wonder why the nation’s security services have not reined in Dokubu and Kuku  as security risk because we have already certified the security services as biased, unprofessional, unpatriotic, and servicing only the interest of just one person that holds power.

“There is hardly a better description for a security service that will deliberately not question such threats to national integration just because the touts that made them happen to be cousins of the president.

“These unguarded, though guided utterances, could also explain why some regions of the federation, particularly the north has been thrown into a pestering security situation and the government’s refusal to adopt every reasonable proposal for a peaceful resolution.

“These utterances have further confirmed that the current spates of insecurity in the country are calculated to perpetuate Jonathan in power.

“Let them be reminded that this is a democratic setting in which every Nigerian from whatever part, has the inherent right to aspire to any position including the presidency.

“It should therefore be known that Jonathan would be fiercely challenged in the 2015 if he dares join the presidential contest irrespective of Dokubo or Kuku’s threats,” NEN said.


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