Disease surveillance: Virologist urges shift from human to animals

Following the rise zoonotic diseases, a Virologist, Dr Solomon Chollom, wants disease surveillance and remote monitoring to shift from human to animal hosts.

Chollom told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Tuesday Jos, that zoonotic diseases were diseases transmitted from animals to humans via contact.

He said such diseases could also occur when infected animals were used for , or when a human ingested an infected animal’s waste.

The virologist noted that zoonotic diseases were rapidly making way among re-emerging diseases globally, adding that it pertinent to promptly address the issue and curtail rise.

Chollom also noted that surge urbanisation, tourism, human exploration, as well as contact between animals and humans, were contributing to the rise zoonotic diseases.

“For zoonotic diseases to be tackled, there should be continuous wild life surveillance for new and diseases.

“There is also the need to institute infection prevention and control in wildlife parks.

“There is need to also have laboratories the capacity for disease diagnosis and genetic mapping for molecular mapping of genes of importance,’’ he said.

The virologist further called for the strengthening of research and vaccine production, as well as mapping of forest, game reserve and parks. (NAN)