Different Strokes:Dickson Rejoices,Sylva Furious over Supreme Court Ruling

We present below, for the records, the contrasting official  reactions to the Supreme Court ruling which brought the Political drama  and anxiety in Bayelsa  state to a close  April 20, 2012.


My dear good people of Bayelsa, thank you for all your support and prayers, most importantly, for your strong belief and conviction in us to make that desired change in governance and the development of our state.

Thank You so much!

Today, the Supreme Court has affirmed the electoral votes and the divine mandate given to us with this unbiased verdict. The apex court has again displayed its sanctity and has proved itself as the final arbiter in our electoral process. It is therefore imperative that we lay aside our political differences, break the barriers that have kept us apart and join hands to re-build our state for the sake of our future generations.

This landmark judgment today would not yield fruits if we do not lay the foundation for the restoration process which we have already begun. We do not celebrate the defeat of our perceived political foes rather we celebrate our liberation from unnecessary political battles which has over the years hampered development and

peace in our land.

I symbolise that struggle to recover our lost glory as we take the battle to our schools, hospitals, communities and indeed all over our virgin land which earnestly yearn to be tapped. We must conquer poverty and in turn create an enabling environment for business to thrive.

In the last few years, our state has been in the eye of the storm, despite our remarkable efforts to assert ourselves in the comity of states; a lot needs to be done in terms of providing basic infrastructure.

I would like to commend all our party faithful who though were divided yesterday but today, they have come together to join us in this journey of Restoration whichhas begun about sixty days ago. We have started the healing process which cannot be achieved without you, the people.

It is unfortunate that we have become poor in the midst of plenty. Now is the time to lay a solid foundation for a better tomorrow.

The security challenges we face, our huge debt profile, poor state of our schools, over-bloated wage bill and undue waste of public funds have become our hallmark in the last couple of years. We must put an end to all these. No more shall our opportunities and potentials be wasted again! Our youths will now be meaningfully

engaged. Today marks the end of political rivalry and signals the beginning of our political, social and economic recovery.

The Supreme Court ‘s decision today is for all those on the other side of the divide to put away all garments of opposition and join hands with us to build a Bayelsa of our dreams. The umbrella is big enough to contain all of us.

The future belongs to us and the Time is now! I stand here today as your Chief Servant, together with my Deputy and my Exco, as you have given us the chance to be here, my prayer is that you encourage us by

proffering solutions towards solving our problems.

The task of Restoration is a task that must be done!

As we celebrate the freedom of our people, never again will our people be so

impoverished and enslaved.

The Ijaw Nation must rise again.

Thank you for all your support.

Rt. Hon. Seriake Henry Dickson

Governor, Bayelsa State



As a democrat, Chief Timipre Sylva accepts today’s ruling of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He however considers the decision of the apex court as dark for democracy and justice in Nigeria.

Sylva believes today’s ruling is only the judgement of man and, certainly, not justice. He says after this, everyone involved in the Bayelsa State governorship matter shall still face the judgement of history and the judgement of God. Neither history nor God will not condone impunity.

Sylva thanks his teeming followers in Bayelsa State and lovers of democracy across Nigeria and beyond, especially, in Bayelsa State, who held out despite intimidation, threats, and pressure to abandon the part of democracy and justice.

He extends his special gratitude to members of the Bayelsa State caucus of the National Assembly, who stood firm on democracy, as well as members of the Nigerian Governors Forum, seniors citizens from across the country, and all his supporters. He commends the media and the human rights community for speaking out on the side of truth and justice.

Sylva remains confident that he still has a long and bright political career ahead of him.


Media Aide to Chief Timipre Sylva


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