Diamond Jubilee: Nigeria can become power house of technology in Africa – Expert

Dr Yele Okeremi, a financial expert says Nigeria has the potential of becoming the power house of technology and broadband connection in Africa in the nearest future.
Okeremi, also the Chief Executive Officer, Precise Financial System, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Lagos on Thursday.









He said that Nigeria has the potential of becoming the power house of Africa just like India, China and other countries.

Okeremi said, however, that the government, private sector and industrial players have to work together to unlock the potential.






“When such things happen then Nigeria can become a power house just like India like what we have seen in China and the U.S.

“One thing I have seen about Nigeria is that government wants to do everything or people want government to do everything.






“That is a problem on its own and the solution is that instead of government trying to do everything, it should create a private business scheme and environment for business to thrive.

“It is because the system is not transparent enough that is why everyone is looking for subsidy or intervention from government,” he said.






Okeremi said that government should create policies that would encourage private enterprises to help provide broadband and internet services even in rural areas.

He said that as at present even internet penetration was concentrated in urban areas without much in rural areas.







“Once you get out of the urban areas internet is a big luxury, even in Lagos people still complain about its reliability and cost of the service,” he said.(NAN)

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