Detention Of Mallam Gausu:An Appeal to Gov Aliyu and Etsu Nupe ,By Abdulrahman Alfa

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Babangida-Aliyu2Recently, I went to Bida my home town in Niger State. I received so much complaints about the unjust detention of Sheikh Isa Gausu and his younger brother over phantom accusation by the traditional institution in Bida. I called it phantom accusation because for the close to two years that this gentleman and Islamic scholar has been in detention with his brother and
after searching his house severally, after burning down and destroying his house, the authorities concerned have not deemed it fair, just and equitable to prosecute them in the Court of Law. Your Excellency and Your Highness, an injustice to one is an injustice to all and it is even more so when such injustice is being driven by vindictiveness, pride and malice.
The disagreement the traditional institution in Bida is said to have with Mal. Isa Gausu on Islamic creed and application does not justify his unlawful detention for close to two years without trial. As a matter of fact, it should have provided the Emirate Council to engage Mal. Isa Gausu to establish superior argument on the basis of Quran, Sunnah and Ijmaaul
Ulama for greater understanding of Islam. This is so because nobody knows it all as far as Islamic knowledge or any other knowledge for that matter is concerned. I am bold to say that it is injustice of this nature that is today breeding the large scale insecurity that seemed to have consumed us today and which obviously governments at all levels are struggling to tame.

My investigations revealed that he was NEVER violent and does not condone any act of violence. Yet, his house was burnt down and destroyed! Mal. Isa reportedly sued the Emirate Council for that heinous and inhuman destruction of his legitimate property where the Court judgement was delivered in his favour and the Emirate Council was fined and directed by a
Court of competent jurisdiction to compensate Mal. Isa, something that is yet to be complied with and worse of all more violations of his fundamental human rights were perpetrated by his captors.

I once raised the issue on several social media where I appealed to the Etsu Nupe to look into the matter with justice, fairness and compassion expected of a leader of his status because it does not make rational sense to me for the Etsu Nupe to claim to be protecting a lady Muslim revert (there is nothing wrong with that) but to maltreat and lock up an Islamic scholar who has never called for violence other than his call to Quran and Sunnah (there is everything ironically wrong here!). I am sure His Highness will never claim monopoly of knowledge to the extent that he would feel to be above correction from any quarters. I also want to believe that His Excellency and His Highness are leaders that hate and would work against
any form of injustice anywhere and at anytime.

I have gone through several appeals made by many other Nupes, Muslims and Nigerians in several newspapers in the last one and half years. I also read the appeals made by Mal. Isa’s aged mother, his wives and students. But it is obvious that such appeals fell on deaf ears even though no law Court of competent jurisdiction has convicted Mallam Isa Gausu’s on any offence close to two years now that he has been in detention.

I therefore want to add my small and indeed little voice to these appeals to say that both the Chief Servant (whose government according to a newspaper clip I read had promised to look into the matter for over 8 months now assuring that his government had no hand in the unlawful detention) and His Highness the Etsu Nupe the custodian of the great Shehu
Usman Danfodiyo flag in Nupeland to sit down and ponder on the day of judgement that they will be asked on any injustice they have deliberately inflicted on their subjects, Mal. Isa Gausu’s inclusive. They should remember that their powers (whether traditional or political) are ephemeral and Allah’s power is permanent, just, equitable and forever. I am appealing
to the human rights and civil society groups also to voice out against this injustice and other similar injustices. I want to appeal to the governor and the Etsu Nupe not to destroy their faith (imaan) by being among those who misused and abused their powers unjustly on this earth against innocent citizens including Islamic clerics. Shehu Usman Danfodiyo had fought
against these type of injustices in the past when people were oppressed simply because they were yearning for reforms and purification of Islamic faith and I don’t expect his flag bearers to perpetuate such injustice in any form.

I strongly believe that both the Chief Servant and the Etsu Nupe are men of conscience, equity, fairness and just public officers. This is one issue that I will use to measure or judge the two of them. But remember in Allah’s case there is no appeal!

You should remember as the Muslims.., that you are all shepherd and you will be asked how justly you dealt with us all as your subjects.

I pray Allah SWT will touch your hearts in dispensing with the case of Mal. Isa Gausu, his brother and other detainees that were unjustly detained without further delay. Prosecute them in any law court if you feel they have violated any of the laws of the land; release them if they have done nothing wrong and free your mind of malice against your subjects the way
Sayyadina Ali R.A. freed his heart of malice when in the middle of a bloody battle while on top of a Quraishi disbeliver he refused to kill the disbeliever to the chagrin of the Quraishi who was down already. When he asked Ali RA “why didn’t you kill me?” And Ali RA reportedly told him that ” I didn’t want to kill you with malice in my heart because you spat on me. I wanted to kill you on the basis of the declared war between Daar ul Harb and Daar ul Islaam. But If I had killed you that time, it would have been due to the provocation of malice as you spat on me!”. I also want you to emulate another great Sahaba and Khalifah Sayyadina Umar who had an unfavourable case with a pauper yet did not use his power to disobey the ruling but complied with it.

I urge you to emulate these great Khalifahs of the Prophet Mohammed SAW.

I remain your obedient subject in diaspora,
Abdulrahman Mohammed Alfa.

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