Despite litigations, 2023 elections Nigeria’s most credible – Tinubu


By Yohana Samson

President Bola Tinubu has described the 2023 general elections which he won; as Nigeria’s most credible.

This, he said, was without prejudice to the ongoing litigations before the Presidential Election Petition Court, PEPC.

Tinubu said this while addressing leaders and stakeholders of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, at the first National Executive Committee meeting which he is attending as Elected President.

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He said, “Yes, we are facing challenges in the court but I think, this is the most credible election in Nigeria.

“So, we must congratulate ourselves. As a democrat, those who cannot accept the results of a free and fair election do not deserve the joy of victory.”

The President said he was mindful of the challenges ahead but assured Nigerians that the APC was not on power to increase the people’s misery but to make the country better and improve the quality of lives of citizens.

Towards this end, he urged elected party members across board to endeavor to ensure that all hands are on deck to roll out policies and programmes that will make this a reality.

President Tinubu said, “I know election is just a step in the process, good governance is another one.

“We have gotten the trophy the president is standing before you and the reward for hardwork is more work.

“The party has a responsibility to promote unity, stability and love among ourselves. And we have to fulfill your dreams and the dreams of our founding fathers.

“To be sure that Nigeria remains the focal point of our domestic and foreign policies. You are the drivers of the party, when we have all other passengers, the drivers and co passenger must not fall asleep and the break working. Party loyalty becomes very important.

“There are governance issues and we are taking it heads on, we must oil the wheel, grease it and we are. I have submitted ministerial list to senate for screening and approval.

“We are in the process of establishing fully the government of the people, for the people and by the people.”

He appealed to his friends who have tried but were unable to see him at a personal level to bear the situation because his new responsibilities will not allow them to see him as often as they would love to.

The President said, “I can see a number of my friends here and you have not been able to see me. It is what you all fought for to bring me here, we have governance issues and you will not see me often as you want to.

“Nigeria is going through some issues and I have sufficiently addressed it in my broadcast and the acting national chairman also spoke about it in his address.

“We will face it squarely to reengineer the economy of this country. We must find a way to satisfy the yearnings of the common man and we must ensure that all the policies we roll out work for the common man. Our policies are for the people not to punish the people.”

In what appears to be a veiled reference to the military coup in Niger, President Tinubu said, “To the International community, I sent a message to Europe and America yesterday.

“To our partners, I ask how can you handle a barking dog and mad dog and prevent a barking dog from eating from the plate of your enemy?

“We are hungry and the continent depends on Nigeria. We need help but not at the expense of our joy, peace and happiness.”

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