Democracy Day: Ortom urges Nigerians to rise against anti-democratic forces

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has urged Nigerians to be on the alert against anti- democratic forces saying “We must guard our democracy jealously.”

He stated: “By deliberate efforts and design, Nigerians opted for the presidential system of democracy because it is participatory and representative enough. It is a way of life that must be held sacrosanct.”

In his goodwill message to Nigerians to commemorate the June 12 struggle, Ortom recalled the tortuous journey to democratic rule and urged Nigerians to rise up to say “Never again shall we allow undemocratic forces take control of our collective destiny.”

The Governor advocated for the need to strengthen democratic institutions in the country “so that the practice of democracy should not be at the dictates or the whims and caprices of a few individuals who think they will lord it over the general public but the wishes of the people.”

He pointed out that the unabating security situation where armed Fulani terrorists are seizing our sovereignty is already a threat to our hard earned democracy, a development he lamented has not been given priority attention by the the current APC led federal government is a cause for  concern.

Ortom added: “Democracy should be our way of life. It is freedom to exercise our franchise in an uninterrupted environment. But insecurity that has forced majority of our away from their ancestral lands and made their living conditions less than humans because they are now forced to live in shanties is a major challenge. This is why the federal government must wake up to their responsibility and tackle the menace headlong.”

He went on: “We cannot be celebrating democracy day when our citizens are now slaves and not free in their homes, schools, worship centres, workplaces and cannot go to their farms or even travel freely on our roads or by train. We must tackle the issue of insecurity courageously if we are to practice democracy freely.”

Looking back, Governor Ortom said his  administration has “in the last seven years, provided dividends of democracy in education, health, agriculture, infrastructure and other critical sectors of development, in the face of daunting economic and security challenges. We appreciate the people of Benue State for the support given us and assure them that our administration will not waver. We will sustain the tempo in this remaining year.”

While paying glowing tribute to the June 12, 1993, Democracy martyr Chief M.K.O . Abiola, Governor Ortom prayed that what led to the ill-fated third republic will not occur again in Nigeria.