Democracy Day: Ndigbo must sustain democracy ahead 2023 – NIM

The Convener of Ndigbo Integration Movement (NIM), Chief Bestman Nze-Jumbo has called for a renewed commitment by sons and daughters of Igbo nation in the South East, parts of South South and North Central in other parts of Nigeria and abroad to further sustenance of Democracy in the country.
He made the call as part of exhortations during the celebration of the annual May 29 Democracy Day, advocating that only equitable partnership in the Nigerian project can further sustain the country and its democratic practice.
“For us at NIM, no better means of cementing equity can there be without actualising a presidency headed by a true Nigerian of Igbo extraction in 2023,” Chief Nze-Jumbo stated in a press release.
NIM stated that the last 19 years of civilian democracy in Nigeria had demonstrated that critical stakeholders in the country were committed to the global political governance best practice.
“It is quite clear that we have all learnt from the mistakes of the past, particularly from the misadventure of the army in politics and governance. We have been taught, indelibly, how the absence of choice, legitimate dissent, plurality of political ideology erodes equity, justice and the rule of law. We must also be reminded that our Democracy is still work in progress; an experiment whose earliest indications gives hope.
“Until equity and equal partnership becomes a permanent feature of our Democracy, we may not as yet say Uhuru. This is why NIM feels compelled to keep on the front burner of national discuss the 2023 date with destiny when a true son\daughter of Igbo shall emerge as Nigerian President,” Nze-Jumbo explained.
On why Ndigbo was deserving of producing Nigeria’s president after 2023, the NIM convener said, “as it stands, the Nigerian power rotation oscillates between the North and the South. And in the last 19 years of unbroken civilian democratic rule, all the geopolitical zones bar the South East have had a taste of power. By the special grace of God, 2023 will end an eight year unbroken rulership by the North after which it will revert back to the South.
“The Yorubas have taken their shot from 1999 to 2007. The South South has also taken a shot at power leaving the South East to balance the equation,” explained Nze-Jumbo.
NIM also stated that the time to start work on the project is now.  He further explained that NIM is all out to integrate all sons and daughters of Igbo across the country as a formidable pressure group towards actualizing Igbo presidency in 2023.