Democracy Day: Author seeks ethical rebirth to move Nigeria forward

By Collins Yakubu-Hammer

Author of ‘Ethical Dilemma’, Mr Tajuden Toyin-Oke, has called on parents, religious institutions, government and politicians to embrace ethical rebirth that will enhance better ways of moving Nigeria forward.

Toyin-Oke made the call at the reading and presentation of his book on Monday in Abuja.

According to him, given today’s unethical behaviours, the old generation had disappointed the young ones, adding that it was this situation that made him to focus on the youths.

He said national ethics should comprise discipline, integrity, dignity of labour, social justice, religious tolerance, self reliance and patriotism.

“If you look at these seven ethics or values, all problems we are facing today can be pinned to lack of one or two of them.

“The way forward is to start from the family level; parents should be up-and-doing in impacting national values in their children; this will make them grow up to be responsible ethical adults.

“Also, religious institutions, governments at all levels and politicians need to get involved in ethical rebirth to ensure that we have a better society.

“We chose to do this event on Democracy Day because we are ruled by politicians and whatever the leaders throw at us will reflect in us. Besides, they are among us.

“Please, let us endeavour to elect ethical leaders, and by so doing, we will have a better nation. It is not too late,” he said.

Toyin-Oke explained that he was able to inaugurate Ethics and Values Compliance Club at Devine Mercy School in Asokoro, adding that other government agencies were also into sensitisation on ethics.

“Our expected final stage is to have an agency for ethics and value compliance to enhance proper regulation in both the public and private sectors.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of the event, Mr Jamilu Ibrahim, said that Toyin-Oke had a passion for ethical standards in Nigeria.

Ibrahim added that the author had been on the journey for enhancement of ethical standard in the country for sometimes now.

“He is trying to create a critical mass which the politicians will have to listen to and make things right in the country,” he said.

Also speaking, Mrs Titi Elat-Oje said that both the family and religious institutions had roles to play in impacting ethical values in the young ones.

“The book was written to bridge the gap; one person is not enough; everyone has a role to play,” she said.

Other speakers at the occasion also agreed that ethical values, discipline, sincerity, honesty, integrity and patriotism, among others, were imperative for Nigeria to becoming a great nation.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the high point of the event was the presentation on ethics and values by students from Devine Mercy School, Asokoro.

NAN also reports that the event attracted youth groups and other relevant stakeholders. (NAN)