Delta 2015: Enebeli canvasses power shift to Ndokwa

Uduaghan 600The President of Ndokwa Neku Union in Delta State, Chief Paul Enebeli, has canvassed the rotation of power to his people in the interest of fairness in 2015.
Enebeli, who spoke with newsmen, said the people of Ndokwa should produce the state governor in 2015 when the incumbent, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, leaves power.
He said there should, in the first place, be no controversy regarding the area that should produce Uduaghan’s successor.
He said: “I do not think that the issue of power shift and zoning should generate controversy.
“The constitution itself creates room for a degree of understanding.
“When you talk about federal character for example, it tells you that no section should monopolise power in any setting.
“In the civil service, for example, where you have the permanent secretary from a particular zone, the directors are divided across sections of the country to create the sense of belonging and to create a sense of fairness as well as to allow peace to reign.
“That is what basically it is in the constitution.
“Now, going down the ladder in the structure of the country, it is not for fun that the constitution gives room for every state to have three senatorial districts.
“So, no matter how big a state is, each has three senatorial districts because they want every state in the country to participate in governance.
“Now, coming to Delta State, I believe strongly that there should not be any issue of whether it is written or not, we said so or we did not say so.
“Delta State is a big family because we are all brothers and sisters, in one way or the other, and I think strongly that from that point of view, if in the first time, Delta Central produced the governor in the person of James Ibori, and after him, based on understanding too, Delta South is today having the governorship, it is only natural that Delta North should be given a chance to have the slot for the governorship of the state.
“Again, based on equity and fair play and the desire to carry everybody along, what should really interest other people should be: if it is Delta North, where should it really go to in Delta North?
“If we are going to have a governor of Delta North, who will be the deputy governor?
“Who will be the speaker and all that?
“That is what we should be thinking about.
“Majority of Deltans should be thinking: if it is going to be in Delta North, for there to be peace, what section should give that peace of mind to everybody?
“The days of saying that one area is more endowed than the other is over.
“In the sense that the constitution gives the minimum qualification to be school certificate.
“There is no part of this country that you do not have people who are graduates.”
Enebeli said Ndokwa is a mini Delta North as it has all nationalities from the area present there.
He said this is why the area has become the centre of peace for Delta North.
He said: “Ndokwa epitomizes all the ethnic nationalities in Delta North.
“That is why it is a peace centre.
“It is not against the interest of Delta North.
“If anything, the interest of Ndokwa for the governorship is positive for Delta North because there is not going to be the fear of marginalization by any group.
When you vote any Ndokwa person to be governor of Delta State, you have peace of mind.
“Without peace, there cannot be progress.
“Ndokwa people are the fairest people you can have in the whole universe.
“I just want to assure Deltans that once you give an Ndokwa person the governorship, they can go home and sleep.”
Asked if other senatorial districts will allow for power shift to Delta North, Enebeli said: “If power can shift to Delta South, I do not see why it cannot shift to Delta North.
“If you have everything in this world but you do not have peace, you cannot make progress.”
Enebeli, however, said the people of Ndokwa are yet to back any aspirant.
He equally said he cannot as the president of the Ndokwa Union declare support for a particular candidate, adding: “Well, it will be wrong for me as president of Ndokwa Union to back a particular aspirant.
“I am the father of all.
“Any of our sons and daughters that come out will be fully qualified.
“We have very qualified people in Ndokwa to take up the number one slot.”

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