Defiance of godfathers, ethnic politics:Delta group salutes Edo voters… commends INEC, Security men

A non- governmental  organization, Delta Rescue Mission comprehensive review of the governorship polls in Edo State hailed the Independent National Electoral Commission, security personnel and in particular, the people who defied the godfathers and ethnic politics.

“The voters in Edo State defied ethnic appeal, money politics, apathy, intimidation by so called godfathers and a raining day to vote right, to vote for performance and against systematic looting of state funds. They voted for vision, development,actual projects and good governance. The people of Edo State by the landslide victory have attested to the judicious use of their resources by their . They have shown the triumph of the people over deceit and corruption. We salute them

Coninuing thegroup said “We also INEC for once doing a very good job. Though, there were some lapses, these cannot diminish the quality of work done by INEC. DRM hopes that INEC will maintain this momentum or even surpass it in future .

“The security personnel are not to be left out. In spite of their large presence, they conducted themselves in very civilized manner and never interrupted the voting process. To all the security agencies that took part in the election, we say thank you.”

“The conduct of the various political parties that contested is also to be commended. Apart from few isolated cases, the parties have come of age. Negative tendencies were things of the past in this election.The effort of election observers is also to be commended. The synergy between various monitoring groups is something that must be maintained.”

A statement signed by M A Mukoro (Esq) DG, DRM  and  Eddy Aghanenu   the director of education  said  “The Edo State election is a source of good lesson people of Delta State. Since the advent of this democratic dispensation, Delta State has never had it so bad. Some politicians impose themselves the blessing of the judiciary on the people. Delta State has suffered enough. Seeing the developmental strides in Edo State, one is ashamed to note that Delta State has more resources with little to show for it.”

It adds that “No non performing individual or political party can impose itself on the voters if they are determined and focused. This is the lesson from Edo State.  It is the will of the people that determines in democracy. Unlike the bullet military era, it is the ballot that becomes the people’s potency against the wicked who want to rule by all means. When people are tired of darkness, their appetite for light cannot be silenced anymore. Deltans, let us move towards the light.”

“We were once the Midwest and then Bendel. It is wise to move westwards into the club of focused, visionary and development driven governors. We can it. Delta Rescue Mission has flagged it off, join us. The time to prepare for that is now.”



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