Defections: ’We Must Discourage Butterfly Politicians’-Comrade Aremu

Aremu latest 2Deputy President of Joe Ajaero-led Nigeria Labour Congress,Comrade Issa Aremu has slammed the recent defect of politicians from Peoples Democratic Party,PDP  to  the All Progressives Congress,APC  which  he  described as the winning party.

Aremu in a statement on Saturday said “We must discourage ‘butterfly politicians’ who move from one nest to another in search of ‘political honey’.”

He noted that “Just before elections are concluded, we are inundated by who becomes minister, speaker of the house and Senate President. These elections are not to give jobs to another set of politicians.

In his view , the “Electorate have come out for accreditation and mass voting in the knowledge that their votes will translate to mass jobs for their children some who have left schools for four years without jobs. For instance, as  many as 500 highly trained pilots are jobless in a country with hundreds of private jets. Some pilots are even reported to be driving kabu kabu!

“These elections must be for revival of all industries to create jobs for the millions of unemployed youths. It must be business unusual; mass jobs for the masses, (not politicians ) failing which the crisis of mass expectations might lead to despair and revolution.  Nigeria certainly is not short of President, Governors, Lawmakers, Local Government Chairmen, etc.  All Nigeria is lacking is good governance.

He said “The recent reported mass exodus of some failed politicians to the winning party (APC) after the outcome of March 28th Presidential Elections is rigging through other means that must be discouraged.

“Defections distort the expectation of the electorate, because politicians whose programmes and policies have been rejected resurface in the winning party as chieftains. This is another form of political corruption and a critical challenge for the President-elect who promises to confront corruption.


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