Deal with troublemakers – Group urges Akpabio

akpabioThe Akwa Ibom Vanguard for Good Governance has urged Governor Godswill AKpabio to deal with political trouble mongers who have constituted a cog in the state’s wheel of progress.
A statement signed by AIVGG’s general secretary Itoro Obasi and circulated to journalists in Abuja said the state has become chronically infested by unpatriotic elements who have taken it upon themselves to foment discontent among the public.
“It is the responsibility of government to protect the public from all forms of crime which includes contamination of the political environment. We therefore urge the statement to use the big stick on identified trouble makers who no longer care for the well-being of the state having awfully lost out in the power show,” AIVGG statement said.
The Group warned that it has commenced the process of compiling the numerous atrocities committed by these trouble makers while in government with a view to publicizing them compelling the relevant agencies to initiate prosecution.
“We are conscious of the atrocities committed by these estranged politicians who are bent on visiting their pent-up jealousies on the innocent law-abiding citizens of the state. We have since commenced the collation of this data which we shall make public before pressing for prosecution. We know the way they misused power when they had the opportunity and they must desist from further causing disaffection among the people,” the Group vowed.

AIVGG said its members are prepared to go to any extent to ensure that remarkable achievement of its state government is consolidated for the benefit of the whole citizenry.

They called on the federal executive and the federal legislator not to dare appoint any member of the trouble clique to any post allocated to the state “as we shall resist any such attempt to appoint these discredited elements to any post that belongs to the people of this state.”.

The group particularly urged President Jonathan to reject any submission in the name of these
people and concentrate on the general interest of the state instead.

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