Dame Patience Jonathan bags Award

The former First Lady of Nigeria from 2010-2015 who is also former President of African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM) and Chairperson of A. Aruera Reachout Foundation (AARF) and Chief Executive, of Women for Change and Development Initiative (W4CDI), Dame (Dr) Patience Faka Goodluck Jonathan, is to be honoured by the People’s Security Monitor (PSM) Conference and Recognition Awards scheduled to take place at the Merit House, Abuja, on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.
The Executive Producer/CEO and Chairman, Organizing Committee of the 2021 PSM Conference and Recognition Ceremony, Comrade Isiaka Mustapha, in a release in Abuja, said honouring the former First Lady should not be a surprise to Nigerians knowing full well her larger than life personality even as she has left office several years ago.
Comrade Isiaka Mustapha placed emphasis on the bold initiatives of taking care of the children with “hole in their hearts”; the mass mobilization of women and youths helping the less privileged in the society and her laudable accomplishments while she was in the Office of the First Lady. Her achievements till date have been acknowledged as they are there for all to see.
He said “Show me any other First Lady alive” that has impacted so much on the lives of the ordinary women, Children and Nigerians if not Dame Patience Jonathan.” He described her as a woman whose heart is so dear to all not minding where you are from or to which religion you belong to. “She is a promoter of peace known nationally, continentally and globally for her concern for peace and harmonious co-existence amongst all people that earned her the name “Mama Peace.”
The Chairman of the Organizing Committee reiterated that his organization is very lucky to have noticed it earlier than any award organizers and institutions that this great Nigerian should be honoured for her selflessness, openness, forthrightness and love for the women of this country, especially now when she is not in government and still doing things privately for the benefit of humanity.
“That this resourceful, energetic, focused and committed former First Lady, is a good mother and champion of the empowerment of the Nigerian women, mother of orphans, friend of the needy, supporter of indigent who needs no introduction. Her life personifies the saying that some individuals are born great; some had greatness thrust upon them by fate while some also have their way through hard work to become great.
For Dame Patience Jonathan, she is a product of fate and hardwork, who has fought tirelessly for the equitable inclusion and participation of women in all arms of government. She is always convinced that political and economic change and the empowerment of the women can only be complete when women actively participate in making and implementing policies that affect them which has been the goal of her NGO, the Women for Change and Development Initiative (W4CDI).
Comrade Mustapha said Dame Patience’s NGO has been able to change and re-orient our women to the belief that they can aspire to any position of leadership without fear of discrimination. Through her campaign and mobilization, many states in Nigeria then approved the 35 percent affirmation slot for women in governance, a feat that no women alive have surpassed and a feat worthy of emulation and commendation, as well as put her name on the sands of time.
Her other NGO, the A. Aruera Reachout Foundation, has been at the forefront in training women to earn meaningful means of livelihood by equipping them with marketing skills, provide them with capital and starter packs to enable them start their businesses. The foundation also distributes farming and fishing equipment to subsistence farmers and fishermen, as well as provides scholarships and support for orphans and indigent girls; rehabilitate prison inmates, especially female inmates and sponsors children with heart ailment for surgery abroad till date.
Dame Patience is known for the passion and steadfast dedication to the betterment of the lives of Nigerian women, children, youths, the physically challenged and the aged. As a “Global Child Online Protection Champion” given to her by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU/IMPACT) which was given to her on May 10, 2013. She will be honoured this year along with other deserving awardees that have carved a niche for themselves in their chosen endeavours, by People’s Security award as “The Most Outstanding and Distinguished First Lady of the Decade in Nigeria”.  We enjoin all men and women including youths of good faith to join us to celebrate Mama Peace on that eventful date.
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