D-G Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency decries slow response to flood warnings

Mr Clement Nze, Director-General, Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency, has expressed worry over slow response by most states when flood warnings are issued.

He expressed his on Thursday in Abuja on sidelines of public presentation of 2021 Annual Flood Outlook.

He said that states have over years maintained a free attitude these flood warnings.

Nze stated that predictions, using historical data,121 local government areas in 27 states FCT are very likely experience flooding this year.

‘We will be updating the states on what’s going happen in the course of the year.

“We did a press release few months ago, the Minister of Water Resources interfaces with the governor’s alert them.

”Last year, the minister sent a letter to all the state governors in Nigeria and informed them in details of what to expect, yet not too many states are doing something about it.’’

According to him, the states ’t seem to be perturbed.

“It could be avoided or eliminated, the tempo of political they exhibited during the elections should be replicated in tackling this disturbing issue of flooding in the states.

“LGA councillors, should be able to domesticate this information in their own locations but this doesn’t happen.

”Once the disaster occurs, they are to cry to high heavens, but in terms of reducing the of flooding before it occurs they ’t seem to be doing much.

“I recalled that in 2016 and 2017, I engaged some state agencies one on one and we were told not to tell them what will happen unless we have materials,’’ he said. (NAN)