CWO advocates sex education to reduce child molestation

 Mrs Victoria Ndupu, a member of the Catholic Women Organisation (CWO)  has advised  mothers to give their children  sex education  to reduce incidence of child molestation.

Ndupu is the 2021 Queen of Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) of the Saints Joachim and Anne Parish, Ijegun, Lagos State.

 against the backdrop of increasing  rape cases and violence against children across the country.

According to her, children,  both boys and girls, should be taught and  made to know that they must guard their bodies jealously and not dress indecently.

“Stories and sad developments of child molestation, rape and abuses in our society in recent times are becoming worrisome.

“This calls for adequate sex education right from the home.

“Mothers must endeavour to teach their children; they must be encouraged to call their private parts by their real names and not allow anybody touch them.

“It is also important to regularly update them on sex education as they grow in stages; changes or things that they are likely to experience should be discussed. Also, talk to them about dangerous acts, areas and conversations.

“Also, talk to them about things they must avoid in and outside the home. Mothers should establish friendly relationship whereby their children can open up and confide in them ,” she explained.

She added that some children mature  fast, grow and look much older than their real age, and must be guided against indecent dressing, which sometimes make them easy prey for the opposite sex.

“Male  children must be taught and brought up to respect their sisters from the home and extend it to ladies, instilling into them that they must not by anyway hurt or beat females.

“Even in accommodating relatives, parents must not leave their growing children under the care of  certain  family members  or friends without monitoring,’’ she added.

Ndupu called on governments and religious groups to consider stiff punishment to anyone found guilty in rape cases.

She also urged the government to make efforts to eliminate poverty in the society.

According to her, some parents, due to hardship are  compelled to give out their wards as domestic servants.

This according to her, sometimes exposes them to  molestation and rape. (NAN)