Curator laments abandonment of museums in Nigeria


Mr John Kachikwu, the Curator, National Museum of Unity, Enugu, has described the loss of interest of governments, corporate organisations and individuals in the nation’s museums as ‘unfortunate’.

Kachikwu expressed his burden while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu on Tuesday.

According to him, many residents in Enugu do not know that a museum exist in the state, in spite of it being situated at the centre of the state capital.

He identified poor funding as a main hindrance to effective management and operation of museum in the state.

“The governments have lost interest in museum and there is a lot we can do to revive it.

“It is only when the government develops interest in museum that will make them to listen to us when we cry for help.

“Our culture is our identity and when we lose it, we lose our identity. We need to preserve and keep alive those things we are known for,” Kachikwu said.

According to him, individuals sponsor museums in advanced countries unlike the situation in Nigeria.

“We need sponsors to help us create an awareness, so that people in the state will get to know about it.

“If we appear three or four times in a year on a television or radio  programme on museum, people in Enugu and the southeast will begin to develop interest in it.

“We are doing International Museum Day next week, but when we go to private sector for partnership, they will say how can a Federal Government department be begging them for money.

“Just imagine their sense for value; they are only interested on what they will gain.

“We are looking unto God for intervention,” he said. (NAN)