CSO Activist petitions Okene Council Chairman over hoodlums’ activities

An acclaimed Civil Society activist and Executive Director of NGO Network, an NGO-Service Consortium has petitioned the Chairman of Okene Local Council over the criminal activities of , parading themselves as bandits within the council.

In a letter addressed to the chairman and copied to the Zonal Commander of the Nigeria police, the Commandant Civic Corps, and the Vigilantee Group of Nigeria, the petitioner, Mr. Mohammed Bougei Attah reported a criminal threat to life,  vandalisation of properties banditry and outright destruction  of and properties located at Abuga-Eba District in Okengwe area of Okene Local .

The petitioner in letter, formally lodged a complaint against criminal elements attacked houses, burning cars and carting away household items, such as electronics, mattresses, air conditioner, dispenser, boxes of cloths and cash.

The letter further listed 14 youths with their well-known known names and aliases.The petition mentioned the ring leader; a mechanic; a renowned Jail bird, among others to guide the security in their investigations

Further, the petition described the as bandits terrorizing the area over a period of time with criminal records at various security stations in the area. The criminals were said to forcefully entered the two buildings belonging to the petitioner and family.

The accused persons who were seen by the neighbors carting the items were said to be chanting in Ebira “We are in , we political godfather.”

When the incident reported to the council chairman Hon. Abdulrazak Mohammed, he promptly deployed security men to the scene to quell the disturbances and looting.

The chairman later made an on-the-spot assessment tour of the area at about 8:30am on April 06. The petition has since been submitted to the council and the security within the local government.