Crisis Rocks PDP-USA Chapter

pdplogoThe United States of America (USA) Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has dissociated itself from a letter purportedly signed by the Acting National Secretary of the PDP ,Dr. Charles Akitoye, expressing the position of the National Working Committee (NWC) on the outcome of Nashville elections.
A statement signed by the Chapter’s Deputy Chairman, Hon. Isaac Adegbulugbe sent by e-mail to journalists in Kaduna on Monday, said while the authenticity of the letter was still being investigated, he could assure based on the facts coming in from Abuja that the purported position of NWC on Nashville election results was fraudulently fabricated in the United States and Nigeria to mislead the peace-loving members of their great chapter.
According to the statement, “for the avoidance of doubts, the constitution of the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria as amended in 2012 does not empower NWC to invalidate the results of a duly conducted election. To suggest that NWC has the power to nullify the results of Nashville elections is not only absurd, but is also a reflection of the peddlers’ ignorance of our constitution and their reckless disregard for the rule of law.”
They said they were aware of the activities of some anti-party agents who were attempting to disrupt the progress and success achieved by the current PDP-USA executive, which was duly elected and sworn in Nashville about three months ago.
“Without mincing words, we find it rather unfortunate that barely two months into his tenure as the Acting National Secretary; Dr. Charles Akitoye has proved to be a very polarizing figure and a clog in the wheel of progress of our great chapter.”
“ For one, Dr. Akitoye flagrantly breached protocol by addressing Chief Sanyaolu as the Interim Chairman of PDP-USA with utter disregard for a duly elected Chapter Executive and the Electoral Committee constituted by the party’s headquarters to conduct the Nashville elections. Apparently, Dr. Akitoye’s main mission as the Acting National Secretary is to undermine the harmonization efforts started by Hon. Prince Oyinlola and advanced by Barrister S. Onwe in their capacity as the party’s National Secretary. Attempts have been made to reach Dr. Akitoye to confirm if he in fact signed the recent letter posted by Hon. Ohaekelem. As of the time of posting this message, Dr. Akitoye has not returned any of our numerous calls to him.”
“We find it extremely disturbing that the National Secretary of our great party (if, in fact, he signed the purported letter) is ignorant of the fact that NWC does not have the constitutional power to nullify a duly conducted election. Furthermore, he was to send any official letter concerning the election to the electoral committee constituted by the Abuja headquarters, not directly to the said Interim Chairman through email as personal.”

They said they were also reviewing allegations of political bribery involving some members of the PDP-USA Chapter; and scrutinizing the said letter from the Acting PDP Secretary Abuja, and when these allegations were confirmed, would be referred to both the EFCC and the FBI for a full investigation.
“In the meantime, we advise all law-abiding party members to resist any attempt by a few anti-party agents to set us back. We are committed to changing the tribal and chauvinistic attitude of some PDP leaders (both here in the United States and Nigeria) who want to see the party fail.”
“We live in a nation of law and order. We have put all options on the table to resist all anti-democratic maneuvers and defend the rule of law. Our commitment and resolve to move this great chapter forward is unshaken. We remain open to all progressive ideas that would move us forward as a chapter; however, any idea that does not uphold our Nashville resolve is not one of them.”
“We urge all party members to disregard the letter being circulated by Hon. Ohaekelem and any other official chapter communication that does not emanate from the Molokwu-led duly elected chapter executives.All scheduled chapter engagements and events remain unchanged,” they said.

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