Crisis Rocks Lagos APC Over Alleged Plot to Impose Candidates

By Gboyega Adeoye
A festering crisis has engulfed the Lagos State Chapter of the All Progressives Party,APC Lagos State Chapter as members accused the Ajomale -led exco of planning to impose candidates on them in the forthcoming elections.
Members of APC have been locked in confrontations, throwing decorum to winds in their determination to ensure that candidates in the forthcoming elections emerge through a properly conducted primary election.
Party members have accused the Ajumale -led exco of planning to subvert the primaries and impose candidates who have been lobbying through the backdoor .
Series of meetings held in some constituencies across the state recently have ended in mayhem as party members resisted naked moves by the party top brass to impose candidates on them.
The Ajumale leadership, it was learnt, is jittery over the determination by the overwhelming majority of members in the state to frustrate the agelong tradition of the party leadership imposing candidates on the electorate.
Meetings held by the party leadership in Mushin, Surulere and Ikeja constituencies have been soaked in mayhem and aborted by party members who mounted resistance to ensure that the agenda to impose candidates on them are thwarted.
At Mushin, dangerous weapons were wielded by members to subdue the leadership leading to them scampering for safety as they scurried out of the meeting.
For instance, members in Ikeja constituency have vowed to resist the move to impose James Faleke, a member of the federal House of Representatives whom the Ajomale led leadership planned to feature again to re-represent the constituency in the house.
Party members are bent on replacing Faleke whom they accused of low performance after so many chances have been given to him to represent the people in government in the past.
It was gathered that Faleke who is said to have manoeuvred his way through the backdoor to become the choice of the Ikeja constituency for the House of Representative slot performed abysmally below expectation as chairman of Ojodu Local Government and as such lost the confidence of the people in the zone.
“His low performance and eventual dwindled popularity among the people in the area, ostensibly resulted in the lingering backdoor scheming, having realised he could no longer forge ahead in a popular democracy,” said Jacob Erinfolami, a member of the APC in the constituency.
Erinfolami noted that though, a lot of the members have been wronged by the recent policies of the APC government in the state, they have resolved to remain within and fight all injustice to ensure that credible people emerge as candidates of the party in coming elections.
He noted that though the Ajomale led group is bent on coasting home with the intention to frustrate the conduct of a primary elections and impose their faoured candidate , members are also resolute in their determination to ensure that such plans are upturned.