CPC Slams Nasarawa PDP’s Impeachment Plot Against Al-Makura

The national headquarters of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has slammed the “the impeachment threat issued to the Nasarawa Governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, by the State House of Assembly on account of the violent crisis in Agyaragu area of the state”. The party in a statement by Engr Rotimi Fashakin,its  national publicity secretary  said this move appears to be a well-rehearsed plot, orchestrated by the PDP high command, in furtherance of the political gerrymandering and destabilization agenda of the ruling Party.
“Indeed, the Governor showed his determination to tackle the problem when he announced at a state-wide broadcast that: ‘it is, indeed, sad that our state is being made to assume the status of ‘a theatre of a communal violence, this is regrettable and unacceptable’. But the State Legislators, urged on by their National Leaders, are committed to bringing the state into unimaginable instability with their
legislative impropriety” the party said
“As a Party, we are forced to react, through this statement, to the admonition of well-meaning individuals and institutions on the very precipitous path the state Legislators have chosen to tread. The
Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) queried why the CPC governor was unfairly burdened with a problem that pre-dated his tenure and was not resolved by previous PDP-led Administrations.
Truly, on 14th April, 2000 (under a PDP-led administration), Nasarawa state was thrown into a communal crisis in the Agyragu area because of the location of the local Government Headquarters. Furthermore, under the same PDP-led administration, on 18th January, 2002, the clash between two communities in the Awe Local Government saw a few fatalities” Fashakin added.
He  said further “What is curious is that there was never any impeachment threat on the previous PDP governors that were helmsmen during the previous dispensations of crisis in the State. What is more, has Nigeria ever been enveloped under the cloud of insecurity as severe as with this PDP-led Federal Government? Yet the President has never been threatened with impeachment because of the intractable insecurity  within the Nation-space. But because of the massive majority of the PDP in the Nasarawa House of Assembly, the Legislators have chosen to thread the path of reckless partisanship and legislative indiscretion to resolve a problem of the State. Indeed, this smacks of abuse of legislative priviledge and authority!”
“As a Party, we strongly believe that a noxious impeachment plot on the state Chief Executive in a time of crisis is fore-boding and disingenuous. On the contrary, this should be the time for greater collaborative efforts between the Executive and the Legislature for the greater good of the people of Nasarawa State. We therefore call on the Legislators to tread with caution”,CPC said.