CPC Endorses New Mega Party, APC

The Congress for Progressive  Change ,CPC congratulated  the opposition Parties made history with the birth of a  “Mega Party, All Progressive  Congress (APC), for the purpose of rescuing  Nigeria from the ruinous hold of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP.”

A  Statement on Thursday by Rotimi Fashakin, spokesman of CPC said “Paradoxically, the Party so formed shares the same acronym with Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), which a vehicle for transporting Soldiers for combat.”

He added “Indeed, the Party (APC) shall be open to all Nigerian Patriots are ready to against the free-fall-slide-to-the-abyss of the Nigerian state by the PDP’s precipitous rule in the last 13 years.”

“As a Party, we endorse the entry of the All Progressive Congress into Nigeria’s politics as an ideologically political association that intrinsically structured to providing an alternative platform for the Nigerian people,”Fashakin said .

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