COVID-19: Why Ayade recalled garment factory workers

By Lesley Muosowo Otu

Due to the urgent needs of the moment, the Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade recalled workers of the State owned garment factory  asking them to get back to work the mass production of face and nose masks.

The workers who were to resume Tuesday March 31, 2020 were initially sent home in line with the partial lockdown as directed by the State government last as precautionary measures against the spread of pandemic.

Speaking to newsmen at the park Calabar on Monday, Ayade said that it had become imperative the garment factory workers to return in view of the urgency in tackling the deadly virus headlong. 

“The garment factory workers are being recalled mass production of both face and nose masks in to stem this pandemic.

“As the workers return to start mass production of the masks, we will make sure that they a reasonable distance from one another in keeping with the distancing protocol”, he said.

Ayade also disclosed that proper fumigation of the factory been carried out in preparatory to the resumption of work.

According to the Governor, the garment factory workers will be properly kitted to ensure that they are fit for the purpose in addition to being paid hazard allowance.

“Working at the this time there is a general shutdown requires a special compensation. Of course, I am known for that generosity of . Therefore, the garment factory workers would be fairly compensated”

He went ahead to disclose that precautionary measures also entail that only a manageable of workers would be recalled.

“We are going to reduce the of workers per shift. And they will distance of not less than 5 metres.

“The masks to be produced are for our most vulnerable people. We are also providing medical to most vulnerable Cross Riverians”, Ayade added.

Apart from that, Governor Ayade also talked about activating the Cross River State food bank to ensure the delivery of food to this same group of most vulnerable in view of the lockdown.