COVID-19: Vaccination of NYSC members begins in Enugu

The COVID-19 vaccination for current National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members serving in Enugu State began on Tuesday in the state.

Management of the NYSC on Monday had announced the commencement of the vaccination in NYSC Secretariats .

The exercise is being conducted in partnership with the National Healthcare Development Agency, a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Health.

In Enugu State capital, the exercise is being handled by health workers from the Aria Market Health Centre in Enugu North Area (LGA).

The vaccinator from the health center, Mrs Nkiru Orji, advised Corps Members to take the vaccine, adding that it was not harmful but rather meant to provide immunity.

She said that people who tend to react after taking the vaccine were those who had undisclosed underlying health conditions.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) gathered that few corps members have so far taken the first jab as many of them were still skeptical and indifferent about taking the vaccine.

A Corps Member, Ijeoma, whose place of assignment is within the metropolis, told NAN that she was sceptical about the side effects or possible health implications of the vaccine.

Another female corps members, who preferred anonymity, pointed out that she had advised by her brother not to take the vaccine.

She added that even if it became compulsory to take the vaccine, she would not opt for it.

In his explanation, a male Corps Member, who also spoke anonymously to NAN, noted that he survived a strain of the virus in the first quarter of 2020.

The young graduate cited the quick emergence of the vaccine as a reason for his decision to ignore the vaccine.

He explained, “Vaccines for yellow fever, polio and other diseases that have claimed a lot of lives were not developed in a space of six months to one year.

“These things took years of research with repeated laboratory tests. Also, when these vaccines were done, they were not forced on anybody. People had a choice to take them or not.

“I will take the vaccine in the next two to three years if I see that the results are shown to actually help people defend their body system against the virus. Again, I don’t want to be forced to take the vaccine.”

A female Corps Member, who took the vaccine explained that she took it because she was asthmatic.

“It is easy and painless. I had thought it would be painful at first but right now I feel so easy. Unlike what I’m hearing online, I don’t feel tired, thirsty or feel like fainting. I am just fine.

“I took the vaccine because I am asthmatic. I feel like it is very important for people with health problems to take it. I have trying to it since, and now that it is at my corner, I feel like it is worth taking.”

Another male Corps Member explained to NAN that controversies about the vaccine online did not inform his decision not to take the vaccine but he did not feel like taking it. (NAN)