COVID-19: Single national response best approach to mitigate pandemic

By Chimezie Godfrey

The President, Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors, (NARD), Sokomba Aliyu has said that a single national response is the best approach in the mitigation of COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

Aliyu who disclosed during an interview with Newsmen , said that adopting a single response will efficient and effective in tackling the spread of the virus in the country. 

“The advantages are numerous, one is that when a single national response, the whole program is coordinated. 

“In that way will get to avoid issues like what is happening in Kogi and cross state where the governors have refused to tedt their people and that will exposing the people and the life of health workers at those states to unnecessary risk. 

“So if a single coordinated response, these discretional decisions by some governors will avoided.

“Secondly, when all compassing response that is involving new stake holders, will have the outcome of the program well coordinated and the outcome of the program will definitely become effective and efficient as against what now just coordinated,” he said.

The NARD President commended the government for appreciating the efforts and sacrifices made by frontline health workers in the spread of the pandemic.

“Federal government on several occasions have appreciated the health workers and thank them for appreciating the work are doing. 

“However we are asking them for some of the things we to do our work effective, efficiently and diligently should be provided, but in that aspect we are yet to see a commiserate response from the government,” he stressed.