COVID-19: Nigeria can’t afford another large outbreak-  NCDC DG

Dr Chike Ihekweazu,  Director-General, Nigeria for Disease Control (NCDC), says pre- and post-travel tests and self-isolation are now extremely important to avert any sudden rise in COVID-19 cases.

Ihekweazu said that Nigeria could not afford another large outbreak of in view of happenings in other parts of world.

made assertions on Monday at Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) briefing on in Abuja.

Ihekweazu said: “We cannot afford another large outbreak in Nigeria, and we must do all we can to prevent this.

“Please, let’s responsibility. Adhere to all public health and measures in place to us from COVID-19 and other infectious disease outbreak.”

According to him, is not over.

“I am appealing to all Nigerians to adhere strictly to the measures put in place to us and our country.

“We to do this to avoid sudden drastic measures that can also impact on our economy.

“We now several tools in place that were not here at the beginning of the pandemic.

“The Antigen-based Rapid Diagnostic Tests can be useful in large workplaces, schools, camps and hospitals to rapidly test and reduce the risk of spread,” said.

Ihekweazu urged the state governments to reinvigorate their responses, while  of various institutions should the measure as part of their health safety plans.

“Please scale up risk communications, keep sample collection sites open and available, ensure the laboratories are testing and contact tracing is happening.

“I also appeal to the media to support us in sharing the right message. We need more people to be vaccinated to reduce the risk of large outbreak.

“Please use your platforms to share the right message about COVID-19 vaccines and other preventive measures,” pleaded.

The NCDC director-general said there were difficult decisions that needed to be made, but advised Nigerians, as individual, to help avert any tough situation.

He said pandemic fatigue was not unexpected, urging Nigerians not to forget where they were coming from and where some countries were at present. (NAN)